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Verification loop. I’ve tried everything!

I am a Total Tech member and PC builder. I spend A LOT of money at Best Buy, but I’ve been stuck in the verify loop for the past three GPU drops and I’ve run out of ideas. I’ve tried multiple browsers, ISP and Cellular connections, different machines, mobile and PC, clearing change and history, private browsing, and I’m not running any ad-blockers. Whatever you’re doing during check out is breaking the buying experience for A LOT of users, and it’s unacceptable.
Please tell me what I need to do to sort this out?
More importantly, please fix your broken site!
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Re: Verification loop. I’ve tried everything!

This is the worst app/webdesign ever bbfor a retailer, why do I need to diable an adblocker to get a product ?i have been stuck in verification loop for 30mn yesterday and same thing 2 weeks ago