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Unsatisfactory Experience with "customer service live chat"

So I should start off by saying that I think Best Buy is a great company and I am a frequent Best Buy customer (Elite Plus Member). However, I had a really poor occurance with one of my online orders and went to the live chat customer support team for help. The treatment that I received there was unacceptable and frankly really disappointing. I've noticed a pattern that when something does go really wrong, the standard "customer service" team always proves of little to no help to me. This is the 3rd time I've had to address my concerns over a situation elsewhere because the standard Best Buy "customer service team" did not help address the issue. 


Backstory, I order the 4k Steelbook version of Beauty and the Beast for my fiance as a gift. I ordered the item on 1/11/21 and it was supposed to arrive by 1/13 or 1/14. For whatever reason the shipping kept getting "delayed" and I didn't end up receiving the item until yesterday, 1/20/21. I was admittedly a little frustrated over the shipping delay but was really just happy to receive the item. Upon opening the package I discovered I was sent the complete wrong item. Now when I say completely wrong, I mean that the only similarity that these 2 items had was that they were both rectangles and both media items. I received a Scooby Doo DVD priced at $3.99 ( Now I checked the SKU numbers between the item I was supposed to receive and what I actually received just out of curiosity, and they are not similar at all. That, coupled with the fact that the item I actually ordered cost $34.99, I could not fathom how I was accidentally sent this item rather than the correct one. I do not see a logical explanation for this mix-up other than if it was done on purpose (maybe as a prank?) That confusing factor aside, I reached out to Best Buy support via Live Chat to determine a resolve. 


After confirming the order they let me know they would be able to re-send the correct item to me. They said I could expect it on 1/25/21 and that they would also be sending me a return label to send back the wrong item. At this point I asked if there was anyway to expediate the shipping because having to wait an additional 5 days on a item (that's for a gift) that was already late and wrong due to someone's negligence was upsetting. They were able to expediate the shipping and I'm now expected to receive the item (hopefully) tomorrow.


Now here's where it gets dicey. I let the agent know that I do not have access to a printer and therefore cannot print the return label for the item. Furthermore, that because of the pandemic and my own personal time constraints, that I was not able to take time out of my day to return the incorrect item to a UPS store or Post Office. As such, I wanted to know what options they could give me. I also asked if I could possibly request a credit to my Best Buy account for the large inconvience this whole situation has created, specifically because I am under the impression that this shipping error could not have been an honest mistake, but would rather be caused by purposeful neglect. Additionally, being able to give that credit to my fiance to use for a purchase of her choice to makeup for the significant delay in receiving her gift, I think would be great and a basic gesture of good faith. 


The agent ignored my question about the credit to my account and in response to my concern about returning the item stated, "I suggest you print it from somewhere else and send the item." He then asked if I had any outstanding questions. I pointed out that he had not addressed my question about the credit to my account and that his response about returning the item did not address the concern I had just communicated at all. He then respond again "Please return the item whatever you received..." and informed me that a credit could not be added to my account because they had already provided me "compensation" by expediting the shipping on the reorder item. I explained that I did not think that rational was fair because in my eyes, expediating the shipping on an item that needed to be re-sent only because of a mistake on Best Buy's end seemed like a bare minimum. I don't feel that that should have been done as "compenstation" but rather as a basic level of courtesy to fix the mistake the company clearly made and try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. I also reiterated that I could not print the label or visit a store to return the item and therefore needed an alternative. At this point the agent basically stated there was nothing he could do to address my concerns. I asked if there was someone else I could speak to because my concerns were not even being validated, let alone addressed, and after about 10 minutes of no response I got a message from a new agent.


This agent explained he was the "floor supervisor" and asked how he could help. I breifly reiterated my concerns and questions and to my dismay he gave me more of the same deflections the previous agent gave me. When I explained that I really would like to request a credit to my account he gave me the same "we expediated your shipping already." When I explained that while I appreciated the expediated shipping, I did not feel that was a gesture of good faith to me as a customer, but rather just a proper correction to the incident, the response I received was "we will not provide compensation." When I explained that I could not deliver the incorrect item to a store nor print the label and asked if they could possible arrange a pick up I was told "we cannot arrange a pick up for this item, you need to drop it off." No matter how many times I tried to further explain myself or give clarity to my 2 request I was reguritated the same, non-helpful information, over and over again, as if I was speaking with an automated chat system. Worse yet, the agent kept asking "is there anything else I can help you with?" even though he would not or could not address my concerns.


Extremely frustrated at this point I asked if there was anyone else I could speak with because I felt I was not being valued here and that my concerns were not being appropriately addressed. The agent told me that he was the last person I could speak with. I then asked if there was a different unit I could speak with that would possibly be more helpful  and he said that he was "not authorized to provide that information." I then asked who was authorized to provide said information and he responded "I do not have that information." I asked "so you cannot help me? Nor can you tell me who I can speak to that might be able to help me and geniunely listen to my concerns?" and he said "No one at Best buy will be able to help you." This statement was frankly a bit shocking and greatly belittled me as a customers. At the root of it all, I do not believe my requests were outrageous or even unreasonable, and the complete disregard for even attempting to make a resolve was very dissappointed. As a last message I stated that I was very unsatisified, that my concerns were not validated nor even appropriately addressed, and that I would seek help elsewhere, and then left the chat. 


All of this brought me here, and I am now hoping I can speak with someone who will actually listen to my concerns and provide reasonable resolve. As a brief recap: 1) During a global pandemic I do not think it's appropriate that I be requested to use my personal resources and time, and risk my own personal health and well-being, to return an inexpensive item that was sent to me in error. 2) I'd like at least the opportunity to request a credit to my account as a compensation for this, now even more frustrating, circumstance that had no reasonable explanation. I understand that not every agent may have the authority to grant my requests, but I do feel that basic customer service would dictate escalation or passing me along to another resource that may be able to help further. In this experience I was virtually told "no" over and over again and denied any means to seek help elsewhere. I find that extremely unprofessional and disappointing. 

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Re: Unsatisfactory Experience with "customer service live chat"

To get credit for the item you would need to "take time out of your day" to return it.... There is no customer service issue here. That is they way it is... Pretty much everywhere... Many ups stores can print the label if you email it to them.
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Re: Unsatisfactory Experience with "customer service live chat"

I think you misunderstood this issue here. I ordered an item and what was actually delivered was something entirely separate and different than said item. I'm not requesting a refund for the wrong item, as I wasn't even charged for that. I'm informing that I am unable to visit a shipping store in the middle of a pandemic, and do not believe it's appropriate to be asked to return an item that I never asked for and was sent to me 100% in error. I should not have to correct Best Buy's mistake and return their misplaced product.
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Re: Unsatisfactory Experience with "customer service live chat"

You don’t get to keep an item and get a refund/replacement. Please use one of the available means to return the item, either print a return label and ship it in or visit the store. Also, you’ll want to make sure that this is done within the return period to ensure it isn’t denied.
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Re: Unsatisfactory Experience with "customer service live chat"

Hello, wenceswilliam,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! Although I wish your reason for reaching out to us was a happier one, I'm glad you took the time to create a forum account to share this with us.


I know that I like to keep a close eye on my tracking details, especially when the package is a gift that I need by a certain time. I can imagine the joy you felt when the package finally arrived, only for it to turn to disappointment when you realized you were sent the wrong item. While I'm not sure how that occurred, I'm happy you brought this whole experience to our attention.


Receiving the wrong product is stressful enough, so I can certainly understand why it rubbed you the wrong way to then be told you'd need to ship the wrong product back to us. We never meant to make you feel punished because we made an error and sent you the wrong product. That said, I'm glad you shared this feedback with us so we can work to do better going forward.


Our goal is to provide the best shopping experience possible. We know an important part of that is having it be stress-free to receive support if something goes wrong. That's why it hurts me to hear that your experience was not a reflection of that. 


While I wish your time with us had been the one we had planned to provide, I'm happy to have the chance to try and turn your time with us around. For me to get started, can you use the "Private Message" in my signature to send over your full name, phone number, email and order number?







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