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Unresolved problems with new stove and continued false communications from BB

On 7/13/22 I ordered a new stove on the website. I also ordered installation with "professional propane (LP) conversion" and the required parts.


On 7/20/22 the stove was delivered and "installed". I don't like to speak poorly of anyone, but since I have been unable to get this resolved, the following details are a part of the story...


The installers did not act professionally. They asked to borrow my tools. They smelled of drugs. They had trouble unscrewing the old gas flex pipe (since they didn't have the right tools), so they just used the old one instead of the new "required" one that I paid for.


When they finished, they wanted me to sign off without them even testing anything. I asked them to test it. One burner didn't light. Another burner had a massive 12" flame. A third burner had a 1" flame on the lowest level (way too big), and the fourth had too small of a flame.The oven had large orange-tipped flames.


I asked if they could adjust it, and they said "no, it must be a problem with the conversion kit" and I would need to take it up with Best Buy. They said it was very unsafe but I could use it until it was fixed.


After they left, I took a look at the installation manual, and noticed they didn't follow the steps in the manual. There were warnings throughout the manual and on the stove itself, saying not to use the stove unless an anti-tip device was installed. (With profuse warnings... essentially: you and your children may die). They did not install one, nor did they leave one for me.


The manual also said that a new flex pipe needed to be used for safety purposes. The installers did not leave the new flex pipe at my house (which I had paid for).


So on 07/20/22 (same day) I called Best Buy (since that's what they told me to do) and let them know about the problems: the stove wasn't working right, no anti-tip device, and no flex pipe. I let the CSR know that these guys didn't seem to know how to address the stove problems. I was put on hold a couple times. I was assured that it was being addressed with a district manager, and I would soon be receiving a call from a district manager who would send out a different installer team right away (this ended up being FALSE).


A few hours later I got a call, not from a manager, but from the same installers. They said they were calling to give me a heads up that I should "get my tools out" because they were coming back. He then proceeded to shame me for mentioning the anti-tip device. "Why do you care about the anti-tip device? You didn't have one on your old stove".


I then called BB and let them know they were sending the same guys back, and basically I was told - that's great, they will fix it.


So they came back and installed the flex pipe that I paid for. Then they installed the anti-tip bracket into the wall. However, they did not engage the stove foot into it, so its pointless, and I was never able to get the foot into it either. (3 weeks have passed since then. Thankfully none of our kids have tipped it over yet)


I asked if they would then be adjusting the stove, and they said that is not something that they do. I tried showing them in the installation manual where there is literally a required step that says it is VERY important for the installer to adjust the flames, but they didn't want to see it. They said their boss does all the LP conversions in the shop, and they just set up the stove and don't make any adjustments. 


Again they told me it was likely a faulty LP conversion kit, and I would need to take it up with Best Buy.


So again on 07/20/22 I spent a bunch more time on the phone with BB explaining all of this. I was told that they would be sending out a different install team that knew what they were doing (this ended up being FALSE).


On 7/22/22 the different install team came and took a look at the stove. I explained the problems to them and they told me that they don't handle any of that stuff.


They told me the same thing as the previous guys: their boss does the conversions in his shop and all the installers do is put the stove in place and hook up the gas.


They took a look at the flames and said it was a problem with the conversion kit. They said it was very dangerous. They took videos of it to show their boss.


They also discovered that one of the knobs triggers the ignition spark on two burners at the same time. They said this is a manufacturer defect. But they said I could keep using the stove, just don't use the one with the huge flame.


They didn't hook up the anti-tip thing either.


They told me BB would be sending me a replacement stove, and there was nothing I needed to do (this ended up being FALSE).


So I waited a week and didn't hear anything, so...


On 7/30/22 I chatted with BB via chat for over half an hour. Again I had to explain the issue. I was finally told they would be sending a replacement stove which would be installed on 08/05/22.


On 7/30/22 I received text confirmation of an order number and delivery on 08/05/22 with a window of 12pm-8pm.


On 08/04/22 I received a text reminding me of the delivery on 08/05/22. So of course we planned our day around it to make sure we were home from 12pm-8pm.


Nothing arrived. On 08/06/22 I checked my BB online account and found a notice saying I needed to reschedule delivery. But whenever I click to schedule, it gives me an error and says I need to call BB on the phone.


So on 08/07/22 I call BB on the phone and spend a bunch more time explaining the situation. Finally I was told I would need to call back the next day. I said I shoudn't have to keep calling back and spending all this time. So he put me on hold for awhile to talk to supervisor. So then he said that BB would be scheduling it within the next 24 hours (this ended up being FALSE).


24 hours passed and I heard nothing. I went into my BB account and again it says I need to schedule my appointment, but it won't let me.


Now today, 08/09/22, I receive a text from BB saying "unfortunately we need to reschedule... we'll text you in 1-2 days to reschedule, change, or cancel"


The value of the total time I've wasted on this issue is already more than the entire amount I paid for the stove.


The timeline I've outlined here certainly points to multiple communication problems in BB's customer service department. But I beleive the whole problem would have been avoided if an actual professional installer had shown up at my house.


Ultimately, I believe this issue boils down to a "professional conversion and installation" that BB sold to me for $249 that they really should not be selling unless they have a means of fulfilling it.


As admitted by their own installers, the system is to have a "licensed professional" (aka the boss) swap out the orifices in a shop somewhere, and then turn it over to delivery guys who don't know anything about LP conversions or installation.


That is an inherently dangerous system, as the user manual itself explains several steps that must be done on the installation site! I believe that the problems with my stove (the various flame issues, the miswired ignition, the nonfunctional anti-tip device) probably could have been fixed by a qualified installer on the first visit.


I've left names and locations out of this post because again I'm not trying to throw anyone under the bus, but if I have to take this to small claims court, obviously I've got everything documented.


I'm hoping that putting it here in writing will allow BB to remedy the situation immediately without me having to explain the story more times.

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Re: Unresolved problems with new stove and continued false communications from BB

Hello, toplevel.

Thank you for reaching out to us here on our forums.  We try to make all our delivery purchases and installations as smooth and easy as possible.  So, seeing an experience like this is never something we want to see and I appreciate you taking the time to bring it to our attention.  I would be more than happy to help you out.  To start, would you please send me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number?  You should be able to send me that message by using the blue button next to my signature.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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Re: Unresolved problems with new stove and continued false communications from BB

Today I got an email from Best Buy saying:


We are emailing to you to confirm if return and exchange order is still need.


Please let me know as soon as you can, in that way we can reschedule for you the appointment, feel free to email to me or call at 612-292-8911 from Monday to Friday between 9AM to 6PM EST or Saturdays between 1PM to 6PM EST (Days Off: Tuesday and Sunday)  between 9AM to 6PM EST or visit  to update your appointment. If you need assistance outside of those hours, we have a team available 5AM to 11PM CST to assist you with your updates by calling 1-888-BESTBUY (1-888-237-8289)


Have a beautiful day.

Thanks for choosing Best Buy,




I am posting my reply here as a matter of documenting this issue. This is my second attempt, as my first post was removed by an admin for a violation of community rules. I think their interpretation of that rule was too liberal, but so be it. In the PM I received from this admin, I was told what I did wrong, and given zero acknowledgment that my post was even read or considered. That's concerning to me, because the entire motivation of my post was to bring light to a customer safety issue. If my post about something so important is going to be censored, then I may have to find another way to get the message across. So here's my second attempt at posting this, with the violating portions now redacted:




Hi [employee name redacted],


Thanks for checking. No it’s not still needed; they did finally come and exchange it, although there are serious problems with Best Buy’s business practices that really should be addressed internally. Please, for the sake of your own customers, take the time to read this.


The exchange finally happened after about two months, at least a couple dozen communications, and several days’ worth of our time wasted due to false information being repeatedly given to us by representatives.


For example, I believe there were 5 times when we were told that someone would be coming on a certain day, and it didn’t happen. Some of those were confirmed with us over the phone in conversations where we asked them to double-check and re-confirm and make sure they were absolutely 100% certain someone would be coming.


One of them was on Labor day… my wife took the call the night before and was assured that someone would be coming to make the exchange on Labor day. Thinking it was unusual, she questioned it, asking for absolute confirmation that this was true, and was promised 100% that they would be coming on Labor Day… so we stayed home on Labor Day! It didn’t come, which had already happened several times before. Nor did it come the next time it was promised.


I just don’t understand how a company like this could have such a lack of integrity that they would tell a customer something over and over, and just literally not follow through. I do understand there are “3rd parties” involved and that’s a part of the “problem”, but as the customer it shouldn’t be my problem.


When they did finally come and make the exchange, they still didn’t do the installation correctly, which was not a surprise. It’s just disappointing, because I gave plenty of information to Best Buy for them to know where they went wrong, and what their installers needed to do differently.


The installation manual clearly shows in the step-by-step directions that adjustment of the burners and oven is an IMPORTANT step of both the LP conversion (which I paid extra for), and the overall installation process. The installers didn’t know how to make any adjustments to the flames of the burners or oven, and weren’t willing to even look at it. I tried showing them the steps in the installation manual, but they refused to even look at it, saying it’s not their job.


I refused to sign off on it on the installer’s phone, because it was a statement saying it had been “installed to my satisfaction”. It wasn’t to my satisfaction, because they never completed the steps. In fact, they weren’t even going to try turning the oven on. Talk about a safety hazard, after doing an LP conversion on the stove in my driveway.


In my strong opinion, Best Buy should stop offering installation of gas appliances, and most certainly should stop offering conversion from natural gas to liquid propane. Since the installers do not know how to complete either the conversion or the installation, this is a huge safety hazard. It’s really an accident waiting to happen.


The stove that we had for two months was a safety hazard, which we explained in each of about two dozen communications with Best Buy over that time. We were told by the original installers to just “use the two burners that worked”, so that’s what we did, because we needed a stove. But you would think when a gas appliance is not functioning properly, someone somewhere at Best Buy would take it seriously enough to do something about it.


Besides the fact that [words redacted here] an accident would make the entire thing unprofitable for Best Buy, it’s probably already a money-loser if other customers are experiencing what I experienced. I’m not so sure anything was even wrong with the stove we returned; I think the problem was probably due solely to not being installed correctly (ie. they never finished the installation process).


If you do recall, the original installation had additional safety issues. The installation team asked to borrow my tools, since they didn’t bring the tools they needed. In addition to not addressing the gas flow issues, they didn’t use a new gas line connector, which was mandated by the installation manual (and which I had paid for), and they didn’t install the anti-tip device. When I called Best Buy--which resulted in that same crew coming back to fix those latter two issues—the installer chided me for requesting the anti-tip device. Pretty sad, considering I have kids in the house including a 4 year old. (By the way, in that same conversation when he called to rebuke me, he also told me to “get my tools back out”). They also never did install the anti-tip thing correctly, as the stove foot was not engaged.


Please take this seriously, because I do not want your customers to get hurt. [words redacted here]. I’ve already spent at least a dozen hours on communications, plus multiple days waiting at home for deliveries that never happened. So I am going to have to wash my hands of this, and say [words redacted here, just in case].


Not only is it a bad business practice, it’s only a matter of time until someone gets hurt as a result of this completely negligent installation process. Since I’m not going to waste more time on this, I’ll post this reply on my thread in the support forum also, simply to document this issue.  




[my name redacted]