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***Unethical/Unprofessional Employee Complaint***

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Hi, my name is Kyle {removed per forum guidelines}. Order number {removed per forum guidelines} I ordered a dash cam (in-store pick up) and a geek squad installation package from Best Buy online store today. Right after I place an order for the installation package, Best Buy confirmation email indicated that the next available date for installation is in late January which is 2 months away from now. That was not a reasonable option for me so I called Best Buy on the phone around 1 pm with my cell phone to cancel the installation package and just pick up the dash cam in store. And here is where the problem started to arise. You first service rep told me that they cannot cancel the installation for me so she transferred me to another department. 30 minutes later, this Indian sales representative picked up and said he will help me cancel the installation package. Then he canceled my in-store dash cam order without my permission and did not cancel the geek squad installation order. So now I was left with a $60 Geek Squad installation package WITHOUT any dash cam to install. I told him he did it completely backwards and I need to cancel the installation package not the dash cam order it self. He said one moment and few minutes later, he put me on hold with music. 30 mins later (again), I am speaking to a completely different person in completely different department and this new service Rep had no clue what kind of help I needed because the previous Rep didn't even bother to explain my situation and he basically just tossed me to the next representative to avoid any complication. That was completely rude and unprofessional but at least I thought the new rep was able to cancel my installation order. But I was wrong. This is where the real madness starts to begin. This new sales rep had no idea how to cancel my geek squad installation package. So she put me on ANOTHER hold and transferred me to another person after 15 mins. At the end of the day, I ended up talking to 8 different Best Buy sales rep on the phone over 2 hours (without any exaggeration it really took me 2 hours). By the 6th sales rep, my patience was quickly started to wear out thin. Almost every Rep I was talking to was tossing me to some random department, not caring or knowing about how to solve the actual problem. I even told my 6th rep that I need to speak to the geek squad manager and make a formal complaint to solve this issue. This woman refused to give me access to the manager. Not only she refused to solve my problem, she told me her name was Carla at first then when I told her I am going to make a complaint about previous reps, she quickly changed and told me her name is RACHEL. Which is a complete flip flop lie right in front my face. "Rachel" also kept repeating the script and tossed me to another random department who has nothing to do with my problem. At the end, the last 2 sales reps I talked to was actually able to help me with refund my installation. She said she sent me a refund confirmation email but I still haven't actually received it in past 3 hours. Last time I checked, our credit card had 5 different transaction from Best Buy money going in and out. Random amounts and I still don't even see my installation package being refunded as of this moment. In my entire life, I never had to waste 2 hours of my time to cancel a simple order. Because of your employees' incompetence and unprofessional/unethical behaviors, I have basically wasted my holiday weekend and my family ruined our entire day because of this phone call. This experience made me decide never to purchase anything from Geek Squad ever again. If at least first 2-3 reps were confident enough as the last 2, this phone call would not have lasted 2 hours with 8 different sales reps involved. Instead, almost every single one of your employee was prioritized avoiding personal complications and responsibility rather than actually trying to solve any problems for me. This phone call could have ended within 15 mins but your sales reps lied and cheated me out for their own benefits. Treated me like a some sort of mule. I am preparing to reach out to all my media/journalist friends to have them report about Best Buy employees' incompetence and unprofessionalism I had to face today. If Best Buy is not reaching out to me within a week to launch a formal investigation of this case and not take any appropriate actions, I will have no choice but to do everything I can within my power to let the public know that they should avoid Best Buy and Geek Squad at all cost through media and traditional journalism. I strongly suggest listen to the recorded phone calls of this incident and find out how incompetent and unethical your employees are. I will await your response. Best, Kyle

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Re: ***Unethical/Unprofessional Employee Complaint***

Hey, schola175,


Thanks for reaching out and sharing this story with us. I know that I personally hate being transferred on the phone, and I can imagine your frustration being transferred so many times! I'd be happy to document this complaint here on my end and see if there is anything I could do to help here. Please send me a private message with your full name, email, and phone number and I'll get started right away.




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