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Underwhelming online purchase /leasing experience

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Dear Sir or Madam,



 I wish to share an experience that I recently had with Best Buy. I purchased  a Snowblower and Chromebook with your leasing option recently. Or rather I thought that I was doing the purchase that way.


I went through the purchase by  accessing  the website for Progressive  and after apporved for 1925$ the purchase option allowed me to flow to Best where I thought that I was purchasing the items online with the lease option.


The confirmation showed  that I would be receiving the items in 2 stages. That is how the items arrived . The laptop came 1st nd the snowblower 2nd  . When I received each confrimation email, I went to Best Buy on MacArthur Rd in Whitehall, PA and picked up the merchandise. Before picking up the merchandise, I handed an associate  a copy of my lease  approval through Progressive  and a copy of the order..


Everything went smoothly to this point , or so I thought. Keep in mind to this point, I thought I had a lease to own option. Imagine my surprise when a couple days later , Best Buy hit my card for 600+ dollars overdrafting my account  and  preventing my phone biil from being paid. I immediately went to the store  to get this situation  sorted. I stopped by my credit  union  to see the procedure for recovering the fees and was politely told that since this was not  a bank error that recovery of the fees would have to come from Best Buy.  This seems reasonable since they didn't do anything wrong.


Anyway I went to my local Best Buy and explained what happened . I was polite to my representative  ( Bryan) and told that they needed to make this right. #1 process the transaction correctly. #2 return my money, and reimburse me for my fees ($70).  Bryan  after lloking at my approved lease and  receipt said he would fix this for me. About half way through the reinitiation of the lease, I asked how I was going to recover my fees. He seemed look confused and said " I can't help you with the fees. That is between you and the bank." At this  point , I asked him how he would feel if a merchant messed up his transaction and caused havoc in his bank acccount causing fees. " I asked him what he would do if the bank told him to recover fees from the merchant  in what was clearly not a bank error. " He told do/ feel the same . So, at that moment I asked , " what are you going to do for me?" To which his answer was he could redo the lease or when could let things stand . I believe that (Bryan)  was doing what he thought was in the scope of his power as an associate .  I bear him no ill will. However, I felt like I was being screwed . I was being forced to pay $70 for someone elses mistake.  Right there, I made the decision to return everything.  A merchant that doesn't own its mistake, offer me merchandise credit , offer a manager,or some sort of compensation for an error like that doesn't deserve my business. I asked for the manager's name ( Donovan {removed per forum guidelines}) and  the name for corporate  relations  ( 888-237-8289).  They are my next stop for this complaint.  I then returned everything and bouth everything from on their 6 pay program. No muss no fuss .


I want to say this  your company had three opportunities to prevent this from happening. Each time I handed an associte a lease agreemnt  and finally with Bryan.  It rankles me that I have to pay for the mishandling of this transaction. 


The following should be done  but I do not hold out faith that it will be done.:


#1 The manager of the store needs to be notified  that his associate are not clear what the leasing option means and not to charge  someones debit card  without their knowledge. Especially, when they hand you a copy of an approved lease.  In fact, the whole handling of the situation needs to be brought to his attention because although polite Bryan did nothing to make me want to keep my purchase after a clear service break.


#2 You as a company should  reach out to me and try make things right . You can't save the sale nut you could refund my overdraft fees. Or at least offer some sort of compensation in the form of a gift card or something.


This was the worst experience of my life witha company and I paln to reach out to corporate and send the complaint via ceritfied post to the store. I have said my piece.


Good Day-


Alan {removed per forum guidelines}


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Re: Underwhelming online purchase /leasing experience

Hey there, Alan,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community and thank you for taking the time to create an account with us to share this concern! Although I wish the circumstances were happier, we appreciate you bringing this to our attention! 


Purchasing a new snow blower and Chromebook should be a time of excitement, so we are honored that you decided to make this important purchase with us. However, the experience you described is a far cry from the stress-free one we had planned to provide. 


I can imagine how I would feel if I took all of the steps for my payment to be through a lease option, only for that not to happen and cause my account to be over drafted. That's not a position we want to put anyone in, so it makes me sad to learn that happened to you. I know if that happened to me, I'd want to know what options there were to try and turn my shopping experience around, and I can understand how you felt like the store's efforts fell short.


My team is located at our Corporate Office, so along with looking into this and ways we can try to help, I'm happy to document your experience as well. For me to get started, can you please use the "Private Message" option in my signature to send over your full name, phone number, email, and order number so I can look into this further?





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