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Unauthorized Purchases by thief

Someone used my Capital one visa credit card and purchased items from Chicago, IL Bestbuy. Credit card company Capital one refused to reimburse $1,761.98. Capital one required a letter from BestBuy stating " Those are fraud". But I haven't gotten any letter from Best Buy. To make this money I need to work for two weeks. Two transactions are fraud. Why I need to pay this money to Bestbuy.

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Re: Unauthorized Purchases by thief

I'm curious about certain things. When you say someone used your card in Chicago, did you happen to lose your card or did the card get cloned somehow? 


At Best Buy when I went a couple of times in my area I heard store associates at the register ask for ID for credit card purchases. The same goes for online purchases when you order online and pickup in the store. FYI, If you have the Capital One app there is a turn card off option in your account settings that will allow no transactions to happen on the card. 



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Re: Unauthorized Purchases by thief

Most places are not supposed to ask for I.D. if the chip was used on the card per thier merchant services agreement. Not sure how Best buy us supposed to know the charges were fraudulent. If they did, I doubt they would have accepted the transaction in the first place.
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Re: Unauthorized Purchases by thief

Nckhammond is correct, with the introduction of chip transaction it is actually a violation of the merchant agreement to ask for if it even validate the card is signed on the back. You should dispute with your credit card company, they will handle the rest. Most likely, Best Buy will be found as compliant based on these new merchant terms and it will be covered by your credit card’s fraud protection.
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Re: Unauthorized Purchases by thief

Hey, Kim1974.


Thank you for reaching out to us on the Forums. I can understand how having your card stolen can be very stressful. When it comes to fraudulent activities at our stores, you will need to contact your local law enforcement and your financial institution. The local law enforcement can reach out to the store directly to have them pull the information needed. 

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