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Unable to verify information

I'm trying to get some holiday gift cards for my friends, but keep having trouble paying with my credit card. It seems like Bestbuy system is having problem to verify my billing information. I even used live chat and also called Bestbuy customer service. Service line asked me to provide my credit card and billing information again, and told me they will send an email after my information is verified. After waiting a few days, so far I still get no response from Bestbuy.


So... I eventually gave up to give bestbuy gift card to my friends as a holiday gift. But I think the same issue will happen if I'm going to buy something from Bestbuy for myself during Black Friday. Does there anyone know how to solve or can help with this issue?


My order has been canceled for 7 times...and all the payment information and format are correct...really get tired with this system....

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Re: Unable to verify information

Hi, Poli,


Thanks for taking the time to create a profile here on the Best Buy Forums. Welcome to this awesome community!


Typically, when an order is cancelled due to issues with verifying the information, it is due to a discrepancy in the information in the billing section of the order and on your payment method with your bank. Please be sure to double check that all of the information in these places is accurate, up to date, and consistent.


After you’ve done so, if you are still having issues, please send me a private message so I can look into this closer. To do so, click on the blue button in my signature below, and provide your full name, email, phone number, and order number once there.



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