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Unable to verify information



I've been trying since yesterday to make purchases online and every time I try to place an order after a few minutes it gets cancelled saying that it was cancelled since they cannot verify my information. I have double-checked everything multiple times and tried using different cards. All the information is correct..


I've tried delivery and even in-store pickup. The cards are being properly charged because I see the charge appearing on them but the order gets cancelled anyway. I'd really like some help with this because not being able to purchase anything really sucks. Smiley Sad

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Re: Unable to verify information

Hello, StevenPanades,


Thanks for reaching out to our team here on the Best Buy Forums. I’d like to welcome you to our online community! This is a great place to engage with others that are passionate about technology, ask questions or offer opinions on a variety of topics, and even to request assistance from our moderators. Although I can’t promise a different outcome, I’m glad you’ve come to us about this for further review.


We make all efforts to provide our customers with platforms to shop how they’d prefer, and online has a huge presence. We certainly want you to be able to place orders from our website successfully. There are many reasons an order can cancel, and it sounds like there was something holding up the verification process. Orders aren’t charged until they are shipped or fulfilled from inside our stores, but it is possible you may have been seeing authorization charges for the orders you had attempted. These would fall off once the orders cancelled.


If you’ve already verified with your financial institution that the information you are entering in the “Bill To,” section matches the information associated with your form of payment, we can take things a step further, to see if we might be able to provide some insight. When convenient, please send a private message, which you can do by selecting the darker blue button to the far right of my name below. Be sure to include your full name, email address, and telephone number. If you have any order numbers that were cancelled, please add those to the correspondence as well.



Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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