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Unable to place an other. Order keeps cancelling due unable to verify information

Good Day All, 


Warning: Wall of Text incoming: 


I have been trying to purchase some products on your website since the beginning of November. My order keeps being canceled right after a couple of minutes because they are unable to verify my information. I have checked and double-checked my information on both ends, my credit card, and my own BBY account. Called customer service at the beginning of the month and stated the following: 


  1. Customer service said that was weird and he tried to make the purchase on his side and it was canceled. Blamed it on the CC. Transferred me over to them. Verified the information with the credit team and everything was correct. Sent me over to online purchases and kept saying the same version all over. Escalated to the Verification team since it was on the website verification process' fault. Even when II recently moved from one state to another and everything was correct.
  2. Went to the local store to make the purchase with a salesperson and happened the exact same thing after I left the store. 
  3. Tried online once more and canceled automatically. Called them again. Gave me the same situation and they tried to escalate the situation (already done). 
  4. Went to the local store and I had the sales manager to process the sale. Tried to push it through the system and it was canceled. Suggested to call the online customer service and we kept trying. Nothing changed. He tried to bring the items to the store so I can purchase them. While I am in the store, I am able to make purchases normally without any problems at all. In a nutshell, the CC works. 
  5. I do have two accounts, one for family's purchases(new) and one for private purchases (old). Tried to make a purchase in the new account with one of my private CCs and it was canceled automatically. Did the same test with my private account/cc, everything was processed without any issue. 
  6. Waited for the physical card to arrive. The CC statement/bill arrived first then the card. I had to call the CC people to see what is going on. The card came the next day. 
  7. Tried to make the same purchase with my private account, since my family/new never worked. The order was canceled automatically. I thought it was the CC, gave them a call, and verified everything was correct. They sent me to online purchase. The agent who answered never had a clue or cared, sent me over to online customer service. The agent from Rewards was very helpful and tried her earnest but I was unable to. Sent me to sales. 
  8. Tried to make a purchase over the phone with the salesperson. He was not very helpful, told to go to the store, and have them contact them to see what is going on. Never let me speak until I stopped in his tracks and explained that I went through that! The same sales person that it was a fraudulent purchase; that my account was compromised!  Again, stopped him and told him that I am the account owner and my information was verified over 10 times in the same call and was NOT compromised. Heck, even had my account information online as well to double-check for verification purposes.
  9. Somebody at the store, online, or somewhere screwed up badly my information and I am unable to purchase the product. 
  10. Absolutely no one from the escalation has contacted me. Kept saying different ETAs.

NO ONE has been able to help me nor provide clear and concise answers. I stumbled to this page due to my research regarding my situation and it is not the first time that happens with customers. Everyone keeps saying that is weird.  The CC was recently open and I was able to make the purchases normally at the store. 


I can provide the required information once requested. 


Please help and thank you in advance. 


TL: DR - My order keeps getting canceled due to verification when my information on both sides is correct. 

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Re: Unable to place an other. Order keeps cancelling due unable to verify information

Hi, vylekahlo, and welcome to our online community!


Thanks for posting on our forum for support. I know how frustrating it can be to have an order cancel, and I hate to hear you've been continuously running into this problem and have had difficulty getting assistance with your account. I'm hoping I can provide the help you're searching for today.


To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, and phone number. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


Why Was My Order Cancelled?





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