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Unable to log in, password keeps getting reset

I have a difficulty logging into my account on my phone (BestBuy Android app).


Every time I try to log in on my phone (the app is freshly installed), I'm getting a message saying "Oops! The email or password did not match our records. Please try again." That is definitely not true as I tried it numerous times, after several password resets.


After I get a message about invalid password on the phone, I get immediately kicked out of the account in my desktop browser. When I try to log in again on the desktop, it first asks for a verification SMS or E-mail, and then requires me to change the password. After that it asks for the authenticator app code and says it cleared all my payment information from my account (I didn't ask for that!).


When I try to use the new password on my mobile app, it happens again. Then I can go though this loop as many times as I want, but I want be looged in on the phone, and will be asked to change my password on desktop every single time.


What I've tried:

  • Clean fresh installs of BestBuy app
  • Tried a different, clean browser (Chrome) with cache/cookies/everything else cleaned, and without any plugins/adblocks/etc - that browser behaves same as mobile app, doesn't let me log in saying "Oops! The email or password did not match our records. Please try again."
  • Tried both manually entering password and autofill from a password manager
  • I was unable to try a "private" network as most of the time I don't have an access to one, I need to make the site/app work on every network

I've seen similar posts many times on this forum, but pretty much all of the end up with a staff member asking to DM them without giving any resolution to the original issue.


I would appreciate it you'd help me using the app/website as normal. Thanks.

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Re: Unable to log in, password keeps getting reset

Hello, akazakov,


Welcome to our Best Buy Support forums! I know I never enjoy having to reset my passwords, so I can understand having this happen every time that you try to log into our website, would not be a welcome situation. I'll be happy to see if I can help with fixing this. 


Security is one of our top priorities with our website, and while you have turned off your VPN when trying to access it, there's some other situations that could be causing you to constantly have to reset your password. When logging in, can you please check the following: 

  • Ensure that you are manually entering your password, as saved passwords may be outdated
  • Ad-blockers have been turned off for our site
  • You're not using a hosting service
  • Use a private network and not a public Wi-Fi. Mobile data network would also be acceptable.
  • The browser that you're using is a commonly used browser (e.g., Chrome, IE, Firefox, Edge, etc.) and that it is English based.
  • If you are prompted again to change your password, it is also recommended to change your password to something new

Once you've been able to successfully log in, it is important to not access our site using a different option, or it could cause the resets to occur again. If you are unable to get a successful log in, please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address, and I can review some other options with you. To send me the message, you can use the button in my signature below. 



Brandon|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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