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Unable to access BB egift card

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Wow, really not interested in typing all this out and explaining it again but customer service has gone no where.  So, here we go.


I bought a game on (with a gift card), it shipped way later than expected so I just went into the store and bought the same thing so I'd have it when I wanted.  When the online order arrived I shipped it right back.  So far no problem,  a week or so later I got an email confirming return, another email with a copy of a receipt, and a final email with a link to get my egift card.


This is where the problem starts.  I click the link to the gift card, it asks for my phone number and receipt PIN, no problem I have all of those.  All I get when entering them is an error that my info isn't recognized.


No worries, this should be a really easy fix.  I call BB customer service, explain to a very nice person what the issue was.  He worked on it for a while, all along being very nice, but about 1.5 hrs into the call I had to leave.  I asked him please just talk to someone and figure it out and email me the solution.


About 3 days later I got an email, I don't think for the original person I spoke to, telling me the solution was for me to make ANOTHER call to CASHSTAR and gave me the 800 number.  Seems far from good customer service to tell me the solution is for me to call someone else, but whatever I'll call them.  Again, this should be a super easy fix.


I call CASHSTAR, after being looped in the phone system trying to get a person who would listen to my issue for about 45 minutes I finally got someone who would look into it.  They told me they have no record of my email in their system so they simply cannot help.  I explained I had an email in front of me for my egift card, but to no avail.


So, I'm bit angry by now you can imagine.  But, I called BB customer support again.  After about 30minutes for being bounced around, no one wanted to try and look at it, I got a person who worked on it for a while and was able to find the email I received and found the GC number.  I told her I didn't need the number if she couldn't get me the PIN, which wasn't visible to her, so she assured me it would be resolved and I would get an email.


A day or 2 later I got an email, maybe from her not sure, that said we verified the GC amount and they gave me the card number.  Of course, I still cannot use the card since I have no idea what the PIN is.  This was a week or 2 ago and I was just going to give up, it's only $60 whatever.  But I realized this is really leaving a bad feeling with me and I was going buy something today at BB but decided no way, not if they can't fix this simple issue.


So, I am asking for you to please get me my PIN number or reissue a card I can use.


The reference numbers I have from the emails are {removed per forum guidelines} and {removed per forum guidelines}


I am happy to provide any other info needed.

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Re: Unable to access BB egift card

Hi there, ugh-hereweare,


Welcome to our community forums. I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us and letting us know about your experience in getting this gift card replaced. We strive to provide quick and expert service every time you contact us and it sounds like we have missed the mark in this case. I would be glad to see how I may be able to best assist you moving forward.


While we don't have access to the gift card PINs, I'd like to see what other options I have to assist you. I'd like to begin by reviewing your case history and will need some more details to do so.


Can you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number


You can send me a private message by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of this post. I'll keep an eye out for your message.

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