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USPS would not deliver package, looking for resolution

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I am having an issue with an order I placed on The order # is {removed per forum guidelines}. The order was shipped in separate packages. 3 of the items never arrived. If you look at the tracking number for Batman v Superman, Tomb Raider, and Justice League, you will see that although it says "Delivered" on the order page, the tracking tells a different story. The tracking number for these 3 items is {removed per forum guidelines} and was shipped via USPS. You may have to go to and enter the tracking number there to see these complete details. On April 3rd at 2:55 pm the postal worker marked it Delivered then at 4:12 pm they marked it "Insufficient Address" and marked it return to sender. I called the post office the next day and was told that my apartment number was left off the package. They are very strict here and will not deliver it unless the apartment number is on the package. I went to the post office that day and tried to get this package, but was informed that once it is marked "return to sender" by the carrier there is nothing I can do. I opened 3 separate claims with the post office to try and stop this, but none have been successful and as you can see on the tracking, it is still marked return to sender. I do not understand how any of this has happened because the other items in this order arrived to me with no problem. I've also placed several orders from before which have arrived through USPS with no issues. I suspect something was wrong with the shipping label or maybe the address got cut off somehow this time.

I have tried to give this issue time to resolve itself through the USPS. I wrongfully believed that the package would just return to sender and then I would get a refund from Best Buy for it, but this has not happened. I spoke with Best Buy customer service on the phone yesterday and could not get the man to understand this issue AT ALL. Then I spoke with a supervisor who repeatedly told me that all the items were marked delivered and that there was nothing he could do for me. But like I've said, if you check the tracking that is not true at all. I never received these 3 items and I am not the one that marked it return to sender. I did not refuse this package. 
I am not lying or being deceitful with this. 


At this point, I would be fine with a store credit for these items. I am not trying to be difficult, but it is absolutely rude and unacceptable for anyone in customer service to blame me for this problem or act like there is nothing more that can be done. When I've paid for items and never received them, I expect something to be done about it. I have done everything that I can on my end including numerous calls to the postal service when none of this was my fault. 


I sincerely hope that someone here can resolve this for me, so that I do not have to escalate this further. 


Thank you. If you need any additional information let me know.

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Re: USPS would not deliver package, looking for resolution

Hello, thursday7,


Thank you for taking the time to join our community forums and letting us know about this order. As someone who makes quite a few purchases online I know I would be quite surprised to hear that there was something wrong with your address. I would be happy to take a deeper look in to this purchase to try and determine the status of these packages and to see how we can best assist you. I'd also like to document your experience with our phone agents. I'll need to take a deeper look in to your order. Can you please send me a private message with your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number


To send a private message please click the blue button at the bottom of my post across from my name. I look forward to hearing back from you so I can continue to research this.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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