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UPS lost my return and now I cant get a refund

 I purchased a camera lens with Bestbuy for $2,000.89 and shortly after I deciced I really wasnt going to use it that often and it was just a hassle while traveling. Ups gave me a label, I slapped it on a box and left my item in the hands of ups to be returned. When I realized I was never refunded, I contacted Best Buy confused and no one seemed eager to help. I was told they never reveieved the package and would not refund me, and that I should contact UPS. Once it was clear that the item was lost I did that and UPS told me that Best buy needed to contact them to file a claim. So I contacted Bestbuy telling them what the UPS representative told me and they said that was wrong I need to conact UPS. This went back and forth for a while..Also, I want to point out that through all of this there were several times where bestbuy agents simply ended the chat, hung up on me, lied to me saying my refund had already been processed and I just need to wait for 24-48 hours, or they would tell me a special team would email me in 24-48 hours. Many different lies, they wouldnt try to actually help me, it felt as if they were jsut playing games with me. Finally, I managed to open a claim online through UPS for the package, and I provided all of the information to Bestbuy, who again told me they would help but never did. After I never heard back from Bestbuy, I contact UPS who said they closed the onvestigation and jsut needed some more information from Best buy to provide the reimbursment. Ive tried and tried to conact Best bu yso that they can do this and then refund me my money, but again, no one takes me seriously, or they lie and continue to drag their legs in assisting me. Just giving me major workaround and wasting my time. This happeend in January and it is already October. This is the worst experience I have ever had while shopping, and honestly im scared to ever return any high ticket items through the mail again.

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Re: UPS lost my return and now I cant get a refund

Good morning, EddySanchez,


Welcome to our Best Buy Community Forums. 


Thank you for connecting with us and bringing this to our attention. Having to wait for a refund for an item you cannot use is beyond frustrating. With such a high-priced item missing via return shipping, I'd feel the same if I were in your shoes. So, I can understand any hesitation with returning a high-priced item in the mail in the future. 


I see that you have also sent a private message that includes your personal information, order number, and the claim number and will continue to connect with you there.


I'm looking forward to working with you and hope that we get those funds back in your pocket soon.


Kindest regards,


Tina|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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