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UPS issued a claim form but Bestbuy did not fill a form and submit back and ask me to pay

I want to ask if anyone has a solution for my case. UPS shipped items to wrong address on Nov 2022, then on Dec 2 and Dec 7, 2022 UPS issued a claim form to bestbuy but no one from bestbuy customer service respond to the form and complete the process to get payment from this loss caused by UPS. Instead Bestbuy keep refusing to help me and direct me to file a police report. I called more than 10 times, chat more than 10 times, and contact both CITI credit card and UPS more than 10 times starting from Dec 22 until now March 17, 2023. More than 4 months, bestbuy ignored my case and refused to support me. I filed a claim with BBB and case closed with Bestbuy said they will go further investigation. Today, I email bestbuy coperate team, and they replied me with refusing to refund me the money and ask me to contact law enforement. What did prevent bestbuy to just fill the form for UPS and get money back from UPS instead of asking me to pay the transaction. Will you pay for something you never receive? Absolutely, the answer will be NO. I wonder if there is a better solution instead of me keep trying calling bestbuy and hope for getting a lucky chance to find someone with knowledge that can understand what is going on instead of looking at Trackingnumber and see a signature on proof of delivery and conclude that items are delivered completely, no refund is possible. That is what i end up getting the respond everytime I called Bestbuy number. I am very tired and stressful with this problem and think of finding a lawyer to represent myself and sue bestbuy for causing me to have a stress and illness from cannot sleep fully. Any lawyers in this forum wanna take on my case, I will give you 90% of winning money, I will just take 10%. We can wotk together. I have all proofs and evidenes from UPS. Bestbuy ignores the right business path to assist a customer by not filling the form for UPS. This is not acceptable. I want everyone to know that do not choose bestbuy if you have other options, look at my case as an example. When something went wrong, their customer service does not help. Mostly useless people. 

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Re: UPS issued a claim form but Bestbuy did not fill a form and submit back and ask me to pay

Hi, KJNC, 


Welcome to our Best Buy Community Forums.


Thank you for sharing your story with us. Hearing that UPS has delivered to the wrong address is heartbreaking to hear. Please note that when the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is involved, our Social Team is no longer able to assist as it goes to another team.


Keep in mind that posting multiple times about the same issue is considered spamming in nature. It is important that we continue to follow the Forum Guidelines.


I see that one of my colleagues sent a response to you on another post. Feel free to respond to her request via private message going forward.


Kindest regards, 

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