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Trouble getting refund for longer than a month

I have had the strangest experience with BestBuy customer support and wonder if anyone else can comment on it or say they've had similar experiences.

Over a month ago my wife bought a new Mac Airbook for her daughter. They didn't have it in stock so they said they would deliver it in a couple days. After not seeing the computer delivered my stepdaughter argued with UPS and BestBuy support getting various answers where the computer was and when it really will be delivered. BestBuy said we had to talk to UPS. UPS said it was wrongfully delivered to a local post office and would be picked up and delivered the next day (twice). We actually went to the post office and they had no recollection of receiving the package and said it would have a USPS code if the computer was there (UPS support could not give any such number). After a week of not getting any straight answers, we determined that UPS had lost or had the computer stolen on the route which is no fault or ours.

So we decided to open a case with BestBuy customer support for a refund. After a month of hang ups, delay tactics and blatant lies I reopened another case last Wednesday with the promise that I would receive an email within 48 hours from the refund department saying how much the refund would be and an estimate on the time it would be processed. Not only did I not receive any emails (check my spam folder and painfully went over the spelling of my email with the agent) but I emailed to receive a reply that says the case is under investigation and they would get back when more info was available. When I wrote back to say I had been working with BesyBuy customer support for a month I got the EXACT same email with a different name.

Does BestBuy support think if they delay long enough I will forget about this $1000 charge on my credit card?!? I have always had good experiences with BestBuy before but this baffles me and quite frankly have never had this much trouble getting a refund from any company before.

I have a case number if that will help.  Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated
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Re: Trouble getting refund for longer than a month

Hello, JeffreyBCripe, 

Welcome to the forum, though I wish you had found us under better circumstances. I'm sure your stepdaughter is incredibly appreciative of your wife purchasing a MacBook Air for her. With that said, I'm sorry to hear this may not have been delivered as expected, leaving you bouncing between Best Buy and UPS for a resolution. 


With that said, please know we would need to speak with the person whose name is on the order per our Privacy Policy, which sounds like it would be your wife. Should she like to register with the forum under her own information to reach out about this, I would be delighted to look further into this with her. 

Thank you, 

Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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