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Triple charge ... or almost

On July 25, I made an online purchase. It was a total of 6 echo to pick up on different days, I picked up part of the order (2 echo) without problems one day later. I was charged but not for the total of the 6 echo but only for the ones I picked up (2). I was charged again but it was for the total of the order (6 echo instead of 4 echos which were the remaining ones).

I check my email and I get a message: we're unable to process your payment when the payment had already been made. Here is the reason for the title, they tried to pay a 3rd time but there were not enough funds.

What can I do in these cases? Why do I get charged the total amount of the purchase after a part of it has been paid and it is cancelled for not paying a third time?

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Re: Triple charge ... or almost

Hello, LuisGH,


Welcome to our Best Buy Support forums. I appreciate you taking the time to connect with us about your order, though I do wish this were under better circumstances. I can understand seeing your order charged multiple times would not be ideal, especially if it's led to issues with the card being used. I'd be happy to assist with this. 


When an order is placed on with a credit or debit card, the entire order is authorized to ensure that the funds are available. As the order is fulfilled, we will put through the charges for the items that were either marked available for pickup or shipped to you. When the charge is put through, the original authorization is released, but the remaining items may be re-authorized to ensure that funds are still there.


As other items are fulfilled, this process may continue until all items have been fulfilled and charged and the authorizations have been removed. If at any point the authorization is declined, the remaining items may be cancelled, if an alternate payment method is not provided. 


I would be happy to review your order with you to determine what specifically happened with the order and what options may be available at this time. To do so, I'd need you to send me a private message with your name, phone number, email address, and the order number in question. You can use the button in my signature below to send the message to me. 





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