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Tried to buy an appliance but couldn't check on availability. BB has lost more business.

I'll preface this by saying the more I work with your website and see your approach to "customer service" the less likely I'm ever to buy something at Best Buy again. 


I've purchased a big screen TV and have been looking at purchasing a new AV audio system.  I'm done with BB.  We needed a new major appliance (freezer) and tried to call the local BB to see if any were available or if you even carried them.  We could not get through to a person.  One of the most frustrating phone experiences I've had.  I was supposed to answer a survey to get through to a person... possibly.  Bullocks!  I haven't time nor patience for such hoops to jump through to simply speak to a representative.  Went and bought our freezer at a different local brick and motar. 


Trying to express my feelings about this was even more of a disappointment.  Finding my way through your website customer support was a huge drama.  The "feedback" link didn't work.  I had to register (which in itself should give you a clue to how strongly I feel about this) to even leave some feedback. 


The hell with Best Buy.  I'll never shop there again.  I'm done with lipservice to customer service.  Put up or shut up BB.  Your corporate are nothing but wankers.

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Re: Tried to buy an appliance but couldn't check on availability. BB has lost more business.

Good afternoon, Robdogales,


Welcome to our community forums. I appreciate you taking the time to let us know about your experience trying to make this purchase. I can certainly understand wanting to be sure a product was in stock before making a trip to your local store, especially for something this large. While I under understand your frustration I would like be glad to give you some more details so we have the chance to better assist you in the future. We are typically unable to provide inventory information over the phone when calling our store locations. Aside from stopping by your local store, visiting our website will usually be the best source of information on product availability. 


I hope one day we can welcome you back and assist you with another purchase. Please don't hesitate to let if we can do anything to help at that time.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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