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Total tech service and price increase

Thanks but I didn’t need all the extra so called services. I was just interested in the Geek Squad services as I had for several years prior until Best Buy decided to get greedy. What Best Buy has done has turned me off to buying from you again. There are many other options and for that protection and service for my computers so you are losing another customer because of the greedy change Best Buy decided to make. Once again a valued long time customer gets the old shaft. Thanks for that and I will also be cancelling my Best Buy Credit card too.
It would be nice to see Best Buy go out of business as I will never again purchase from them and you can count on me speaking badlyI of Best Buy and the Geek Squad.
All the worst wishes,
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Re: Total tech service and price increase

Hello, larryzuke,


Thank you for sharing feedback with us here on the Best Buy Community Forum regarding Best Buy Totaltech. While I'm disappointed to know that you no longer wish to do business with Best Buy, please be assured that feedback like this, received directly from customers, is taken very seriously.


To ensure this feedback is as complete as possible, I would appreciate it if you would please send me a private message with confirmation of your full name, phone number, and email address. Once I have that information, I can ensure this is forwarded to the right place so that it is available internally as we work to continuously improve our products and services to best serve our customers. 


Kind regards,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Total tech service and price increase

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Re: Total tech service and price increase

I paid for the Geek Squad and Webroot support for years. I was told if I signed up w/in so many days I would be locked in and pay the same price yearly. I never let it lapse. This year, I was charged an additional $100 for the same service. The overall price was the same, but my discount, or price I paid at the time of the offer, several years ago, was decreased. I was told their were upgrades offered by Geek Squad. But, the price was still the same. The offer provided to me was reduced. How disappointing that a yearly paying customers offer is taken away. Based on "upgrades". Doesnt matter the customer loyalty, or the contract signed at the time of the purchase. I hope Best Buy loses a lot of business for how they treat long standing patrons.
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Re: Total tech service and price increase

I have been a "valued" customer of your "yearly Geek Squad Service" since I think 2014 or longer.  When I saw what I just got charged for your new "Upgraded" service, I was speechless.  How can something I was 
"assured" woud not increase as long as it was paid yearly (automaticaly from my checking account) is now $100 more.  I called and they said I should have received something noting that it was going to be upgraded, well I don't remember seeing anything in my email to verify that claim but.......  I DO NOT need all your upgrades to it.  I was ok with the approx. $100 yearly but NOT $200 for something I barely use.  You have put the screws to any and all your loyal customers who trusted in your word and the service they "thought" they would continue to receive at the agreed upon cost of $100.  YOUR word now means NOTHING.  The choice SHOULD have been there to let original customers choose if they wanted to upgrade or not as a courtsey for being a loyal customer.  You took it upon yourselves to screw us and I hope that many of us will be canceling your service. You have also help me make a decision to NOT let you automatically charge something to my account again unless I give prior authorization.  Well you know what, I think I've made the decision to just cancel everything with Best Buy and I won't  have to worry about it.  After this screw job, I think Best Buy and I will split ways.  Yes it was nice to take my laptop in for an occasional fix but NOT anymore.  You are NOT the company many of us once knew.