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Order Not Honored

I had a horrible experience today (20 Nov 2020 at 8 pm central) while trying to purchase a PS5 on Had the item in my cart, entered shipping and payment information, hit place order, and just like that my cart was empty and the order seemed to disappear into the ether. Checked the order status page... nothing. Called customer service and they essentially said better luck next time...this item is in high demand. That doesn't help the situation. It is super frustrating to add this to the list of failed attempts to get a PS5 for my family, same thing happened 5 times at Walmart. I was hoping that Best Buy would be able to do something other than telling me to try again later. Whatever happened to customer service? Here is to hoping someone out there can fix this and do something other than say better luck next time.

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Re: Order Not Honored

I know how you feel. As you pointed out, a competitor had an issue too and this is typical of all retailers. This is a first come, first serve item that you may or may not be able to get.


Having it in your cart should not be a guarantee due to the product being popular. Unfortunatley reports say that you may not be getting one until early next year due to supply shortages.

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Re: Order Not Honored

I appreciate your perspective. I understand that shopping online is not like shopping in a store where if an item is in your cart, it is more or less secured until you purchase it. It would be amazing if retailers would be able to fix that issue and allow a timed window for customers to complete their purchase, say 10 minutes, and if they do not complete the order in that time, the cart is emptied for popular items. Or perhaps use deterrents for bots and scammers. This situation is even more frustrating due to the fact that I did more than having it in my cart, I actually clicked place order. I am just super frustrated with my experiences lately. I was hoping that retailers would value their customers enough to do the right thing and support them. Still hoping that Best Buy will be different than the other places and do more than offer condolences. If not, at least I tried. Maybe it will be enough to help others out too.

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Stolen PS5 Pre-order by UPS

Just came to post this message as I have made multiple calls to customer support, got disconnected from a customer support supervisor regarding my issue and nobody to help. I've also driven down to the UPS warehouse where it was stolen since they don't answer phone calls.  I pre-ordered back on 9/16 and got my shipping email on 11/11. It was supposed to show up on the 12th but never made it on to the delivery truck. It got as far as UPS in Anaheim CA. This is extremely frustrating that the only option customer support wast to give me is a refund and please try ordering again when they go online for sale. Everyone knows you will have stock for Sunday's ad.  The least you could do is just fulfill my order with one of the systems you have ready for tomorrow. This time I will pick in store because of the situation with delivery companies and this particular item.  The rep I spoke with today told me a supervisor will call me back in 24-48 hours. I'm sure the PS5 stock will be gone by then due to lowlife scalpers.  I will give a shot at ordering if I find it go live but because you don't have anything to fight purchase bots, I'm not holding my breath. 

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"One more step" on website orders

Hi.  Heard that more PS5 stock dropped this morning, got on, was very excited to see the yellow button. Clicked to 'add to cart' got a big red box that said due to high demand there was one more step, please try again, but I was never offered one more step.  Am I supposed to be looking for something in particular?

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Online Order not placed due to Best Buy email Issue for Xbox Series X

I was online this morning for several hours trying to get an Xbox series X, and feel that the way Bestbuy made them available in batches was so very fair.  However once I got the the checkout, and was able to move forward it requested that I enter the verification code sent to my email... the email however didn't show up, so due to time the item was removed.  I then retried and was able to get to that same point 11 more times.  12 times in total.  I then called to try to figure out what was happening and why the code wasn't coming over.. I tried resend code etc. 


While on the phone with Bestbuy Geek Squad I all of a sudden received the verification codes, 20 minutes after all units had been sold out. Due to this technical issue of Best Buy I was not able to purchase the item.. This was not due to me, or them selling out, at least not until the end.  I selected different pickup locations even.


I am so disappointed with BestBuy for this.  I truly feel that when a computer error causes something like this a concession should be given at least for the next time it is released.


I have a pdf file showing the times the emails were received, and keep in mind the item sold out at approximately 8:30 am.  15 minutes prior to the 1st verification email was received by me.






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Re: Stolen PS5 Pre-order by UPS

Just read that the consoles dropped at 2am my time. Hope someone from customer service saved me one to replace the stolen unit. 😐
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X Box series x store pick up is deleyed and mat be canceled

I purchased online a X box series x and supposed to be pick up today 11/27. I received email it is delayed till 12/4 and maybe canceled. Where is my purchased item? My credit was fully charged for the ordered.

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Xbox series x

How infuriating to be put through a process like this to try to buy the new console.


Click to buy, get told to wait and click again when the button goes yellow for a second time, get it in the the shopping cart, then can't checkout because not available at my local store, but don't worry it's available at this near by store, click it, only joking not available there either, but available here, oh only joking... rinse and repeat until no longer available anywhere.

Whose idea was this?

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Formal Complaint / Worst Experience I've Ever Had With A Retailer

- I pre-ordered the PS5 console digital edition back in September when it first came out. Since the BestBuy website was crashing during this time, I spent two hours constantly hitting buy for the order to go through. Finally it went through successfully, and I was ecstatic as this was so hard to get anywhere due to the demand (as you know).

- The order finally ships on release day for the console in Nov. to my address. It takes a few weeks with slow updates on the UPS tracking, but I'm at an APO, AE address so this can be normal. I have oreded other products from BestBuy to my APO address, so I am 100% it's not an issue. Until one day I see it was delivered to the BestBuy returns center in Shephersville, KY. 


- I think great, BestBuy/the carrier screwed up the shipment I've been waiting literally months for and is impossible to get anywhere else. I figure they can just resend it, right? WRONG!


- I call and am told I will simply get a refund as there is nothing they can do and good luck trying to buy another one since they are in such high demand. I ask for some sort of compensation because this is completely ridiculous, and of course I am denied that as well. 


So hours of trying to purchase a PS5, waiting for months for it to come out, incompetent shipping process, and I am just told too bad. How is this right in any way whatsoever? By far the worst retailer I have ever came accross. It could be many months before I would even have the chance to get one of these again, and BestBuy completely does me wrong. I would like to submit a formal complaint to the fullest extent possible regarding this incident.