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This is cheating BestBuy. Lost order.

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Hey everyone,

It has been an ordeal I am through.

I ordered a MacBook air worth more than 1k USDs on Oct 1st 2022. They said it would be delivered the next day. I only ordered delivery instead of a pickup because the website said a signature is needed for delivery. Also, I had a flight to catch back to India on Oct 6th, so I was short on time for a pickup.

I chatted with one of BestBuy's agents on Oct 2nd; he assured me someone would call before the delivery. However, no one did call me or didn't collect my signature. I have been chatting with their agents since then. The agent on Monday said the issue would be addressed in 24-72 hours, but I didn't hear back even on Friday. So, I kept chatting with their agents, the agents were friendly, and one of them even said if he was responsible, he would give a refund immediately. I flew to India with no MacBook and have lost ~1156 AUDs for nothing.

The agent yesterday said that the investigation was complete and requested a refund. Yesterday, I got an email from {removed per forum guidelines} saying the refund has been requested and is under review. I asked an agent what it exactly meant and the agent told me that the investigation had been completed and they had requested a refund which is now with another team for review.

Today I got an email saying that the investigation is complete, and they won't issue a refund or a replacement. They told me to contact the local law enforcement. This is outrageous and ridiculous. I have had anxiety attacks since I got that rude and careless email. I lost ~1156 USDs of my hard-earned money for nothing.

BestBuy you didn't deliver the package, you just threw it. You can't keep an expensive parcel on top of a gate easily accessible to the common public. You didn't even take my needed signature or you didn't even bother to call me, which one of your agents assured me.

A safe delivery box is next to the gate, but you didn't even bother to put the parcel in the box. I have attached a pic for your reference, you can see the delivery box next to the gate.

Please don't assume that it is my mistake; it is YOURS. You didn't follow any protocol, you didn't collect my signature and you didn't even bother to give me a call. I messaged an agent on Oct 2nd morning and requested a call. I am in India now; how or why should I contact law enforcement? It is not a customer's mistake to keep an expensive item on top of a gate.

All this while all the agents assured me I get a refund. After a week, I get an email saying exactly the opposite.



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Re: This is cheating BestBuy. Lost order.

Hey, Sanjay,


Welcome to our Community Forums.


Thanks for reaching out regarding your recent order for the MacBook Air. Any issues with the order are never ideal and can understand wanting this resolved.


We’d be happy to research this further with you. We see that you’ve connected with us privately through Twitter. Keep an eye there for a follow up with additional information.



Andy|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: This is cheating BestBuy. Lost order.

Hi Andy,


I am really frustrated, angry, and feeling betrayed here. 


I have kept in touch with one of your agents since last Sunday, I was assured that I would get a refund one of the agents said he would issue refund straight away if he had the authority. 


Neither my signature was taken nor was I called. One of the agents had assured me that he had put notes on my order and I would get a call before delivery. 


Please help me out.