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There is a big miscommunication between Best Buy and Roadie! I feel I was scammed.

Back in December (26th) I purchased a Lenovo laptop from the best buy website. Following days I got notified that it will was delivered by Roadie services, but the problem was that I never actually recieved the item. I contacted Best Buy immediatly and they opened a case for me. About a week goes by and then I am informed that I was denied a refund or a new item because they can see it was delivered successfully by Roadie. I had not idea Roadie wasnt apart of Best Buy at this time otherwise I would have contacted them directly first. I contact Roadie and they tell me they can see it was delivered and they have a picture for proof of delivery. That is fine, except that the picture of the door he sent it to do was not my door. I took a photo as well to send to them for proof and they decided to open a case for me. Nothing much came of it. I contacted them multiple times looking for updated eventually they tell me that the driver tried to retrieve the item from the other loctation was unable to. (Which i think is proof enough that I did not get the item). After a couple more weeks of trying to get them to give me a refund I was told that Roadie does not do refunds. I need to contact best buy to get my refund since i paid them. I contact best buy and they open another case for me. Once again a couple of weeks go by and im told that it still says delivered on their end so it gets denied. This is a never ending cycle that I am in. I have called more then 20 times to each company (not overexaggerating). And no one will take responsibility. They are jsut pointing at each other and saying "talk to them". This was a $1200 laptop i was suppose to get. And now I am suppose to just let go of that? At this point im not sure what to do becasue it has gotten to the point where i try to talk to managers and they either refuse to talk to me or they just tell me it will get denied or it is too far down the road, which is true. It has been a long time which just proves my point on how ridiculous this whole situatuon has been. Believe me when i say i have tried to talk to everyone. even corperate and still nothing. This whole experience has been terrible and im out $1200 3 monts later...... not sure what else to do at this point. any advice would be appreciated. I have even tried to talk to in store managers but they tell me their hands are tied becasue it was an online order. 


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Re: There is a big miscommunication between Best Buy and Roadie! I feel I was scammed.

Hello, zamanherrera,


Thank you for reaching out to us, and welcome to the Best Buy Forums. I am sorry to hear that your order was marked as delivered, and you have been unable to locate it. $1200 is not a small amount of money, and I can completely understand your concern here.


Generally, Best Buy conducts an investigation into the missing package and determines whether a replacement/refund will be provided. While this conclusion is typically final, I would be happy to look into this closer to see what I can do to help. So that I can get started, please send me a private message with your full name, email, and phone number.




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