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The Roadie delivery driver stole my package

Today at 11:15 AM I received a message saying my package was delivered through a service called Roadie. When I went out to check the mail area at around 11:40 AM it was not there. This is the picture the driver took of his "delivery:"


Here was that same spot when I went to check:


I know, unfortunately, my picture doesn't provide definitive proof, but I have lived in this apartment for 5 years and have never had a package stolen. So the odds that someone else entered the building during that brief 25 minute period and stole my package while ignoring all of my neighbors' packages is incredibly slim. 

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Re: The Roadie delivery driver stole my package

Does your apartment complex have cameras in that location that the management can go back and review the footage? It's hard to tell what happened based on the two photos you shared.


I live in an apartment complex where our apartments are indoors, inside a locked building / gated community. Package  theft and other suspicious activity around here as gotten so bad the management has installed additional cameras inside all hallways to see the suspicious activity coming in and outside the building. Even outside the keycard area where the glass door is. 


Hopefully you can get this solved. 

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Re: The Roadie delivery driver stole my package

There are no cameras, unfortunately. It's a rather small apartment.


I have never experienced pacakge theft here though. In fact, the white package in the picture next to mine has been sitting in the mail area for a few days now. For my package to have been stolen and none of the others that were also there strongly implies that the person had some idea about what was inside mine to choose to take only it. The delivery driver is the only option that makes sense.


My package was just a cheap $10 game, so frankly it isn't even that important to me, I just hope Best Buy and Roadie can ensure that this driver doesn't victimize anyone else.

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Re: The Roadie delivery driver stole my package

Hey, evanisthebest1. 


Thank you for joining us on the Best Buy Forums page. I wish we were meeting under different circumstances. Getting your package stolen, is not the experience we want for our customers. Thank you for making us aware of this issue. I would love to see what options we have for replacing this item today. Can you please send me a private message with your order number, full name, phone number, and email? 


Thank you, 

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Re: The Roadie delivery driver stole my package

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