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The Journey of our Frustration.



Please let me preface this post, this is my first time time writing a negative review and normally I wouldn't, but this was such an ordeal that I not only think other consumers should be made aware but also Best Buy itself. Alright, with that out of the way, lets continue. 


My wife and I have been remodeleing our basement for the past 6 months or so. Our greatest motiviation throughout this process was converting a 20x12 concrete walled and floored space into our our own home theatre. We did much of the work ourselves to save money to buy a 75" TV. We finshed up and were ready to buy a TV right around memorial day. With sales going on it seemed like the best time to buy. (no pun intended) We purchased a 75" samsung 7100. It was on sale for 1299 and looked great on the showroom floor. We set up a delivery and everything seemed great! 


We received the TV a few days later, the delivery guys were great, however when my wife and I turned the TV on, we noticed a large area of light was bleeding through the top left corner of the TV. We were both pretty new to the 75" TV world so we didn't really know if this abnormal or not, but decided to speak with our local geek squad. Needless to say, we both pretty underwhelmed with our much anticipated purchase.


We proceeded to visit our local Best Buy and spoke with the Home theatre associates, we described our problem and they knew exactly what we were talking about. They proclaimed that our TV was definitely defective and recommended a replacement. My wife and I were very happy to hear this! We set up the next delivery date and awaited anxiously. 


Delivery day number 2 finally came, we unboxed the TV and turned it on to again much dissapointment. The light bleed that we had seen in the first TV was significantly worse on this one and was distractingly noticeable in all corners. Now, a little frustrated, we went back to the Best Buy store. I spoke with the same associated and told him that it happened again, he told me "that is really unlucky." I started asking a few more questions on whether they thought we just received two defective TVs, or if this specific model (SAMSUNG 7100) was not the best  overall TV. The associates assured us that it wasn't the model and recommended that "the third is the charm." I asked about other TVs, OLED specifically seeing as there is no light bleed for those. Never really got an answer other than them saying they didn't stock a 75" OLED. Seeming to be our only option, we voted for the swap out and delivery of a third TV. 


The third delivery day comes and before my wife and I even hang the TV, we turn it on and notice severe light bleed.

We went back to the store again, the associates whom now know us ask "did it happen again?"  We explained the situation one more time, I expressed that I no longer want this TV model and would just like to return it. I again asked about other models OLEDs specifically, I was told they "were really expensive" and we "don't have a 75 inch."  Giving up on the idea of buying a TV here we proceeded with the return policy. The associate working the desk was not being very subtle about his inexperience in this type of transcation. He called a manager who breifly helped him but neither of them could complete the transaction so they called a what seemed to be a help line. I waited on the other side of a desk while the associate waited on the otehr side of a phone call. After about twenty minutes he hung and said "I think this will work" I responded with " What are the odds that the TV will be picked up and I will not be refunded?" His response of "I don't know" did not give me much confidence. He offered to let me take a picture of his computer screen to make me feel more comfortable, I found this odd, but took the picture to be safe. 


The TV was picked up from our house about a week later, side note: for each delivery and pick up I needed to leave work for about 2 hours. So I have now spent 8 hours of vacation time as well on this TV. The TV was picked up on June 27th. Being worried about how this transaction was processed initial, I inquired when I might see the refund appear on credit card. I waited a few days for the refund to show up on my credit card. It was now July 3rd, I called and was told 3-5 business days to process the return. Got it! I figured with the holidays maybe things would be backed up so I didn't call back until July 9th. I inquired further with the representative over the phone and she informed me that the refund had never been processed, I was transferred to a new representative who then immediately processed the return. The charge has just now come off my credit card. 


In summary, this whole ordeal has kinda sucked out our excitement for our newly finished home theatre and has really shaken my belief in Best Buy. We normally have really good experiences at this store and just wanted to inform someone of what we went through in hopes that this doesn't happen to anyone else. 




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Re: The Journey of our Frustration.

Hello, Matt, 


Welcome to the forum, and thank you for reaching out! I helped my parents out with quite a few DIY projects around their home as they were pretty budget-conscious themselves. I'm sure you and your wife are quite proud of the work you have done, and couldn't wait to get your new Samsung 75-inch TV home to enjoy the fruits of your labor! 


I'm ecstatic to hear that you chose to shop with Best Buy for this new TV, though I'm deeply upset to hear the experience didn't turn out as well as expected, and ultimately dampened the excitement surrounding this remodel. We do our best to ensure the TVs chosen by customers are not only in pristine condition but suit our customers' needs. I would have been at my wit's end as well when the third time indeed wasn't the charm, and be looking into other TV options as well. I understand why you ultimately chose to return the TV, though I understand there was trouble with getting that processed in a timely manner too. 


I apologize that this experience, from the TV issues to the refund trouble, wasn't smoother. We greatly appreciate the time you have taken to reach out to share this experience with us, as our customer feedback is always our number one source of how we can improve our processes. As our team operates out of the Corporate Office and I want to make sure this is well documented on our end, please see that I am sending you a private message to gather some additional information. You may check your messages by signing into the forum then clicking the envelope icon in the top right corner of the page. 


Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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