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The Absolute Worst Customer Service Experience I've had in my entire life, Best Buy or otherwise.

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This is in relation to Order #{removed per forum guidelines} for a Canon RF 28-70mm Lens.

The Customer Service Case Number I've been given from representatives over the phone is {removed per forum guidelines}.


I purchased this lens on Nov 3rd and picked it up, in store on November 8th. The next day, it was brought to my attention by a friend that there was an applicable online coupon code that I could have used to save 10%, '{removed per forum guidelines}'. I went onto the website to check the legitimacy of the coupon and added a different lens to my cart (as the 28-70mm was sold out) and sure enough it allowed for usage of the coupon. In fact, for the next few days anytime I went on to the Best Buy App and searched around the store, many of the items showed they were for sale 10% off the normal price (it would appear this coupon was somehow linked to my account in general).


As the $3000 lens I purchased was the largest purchase I had planned to make over the Holiday Season, I decided to go into the store and speak with a manager to see what they could do for me in terms of refunding the difference or price matching it against the price I saw online when logged into my account. I showed them the price and that it was only showing when I logged into my account. I explained the coupon code and tried to work with the manager on a beneficial outcome. Unfortunately, this wasn't possible in the store. He attempted to simply return the item but wasn't able to apply the coupon code I provided (which he agreed was legitimate) in store as it was an Online Only Coupon. His suggestion then was to potentially return the item and re-purchase it from utilizing the Coupon, however this was ALSO not possible as the item has been sold out online since I originally purchased it. He then suggested I call in and speak with someone at BestBuy.


On a phone call around Nov 12th/13th, I was finally able to reach someone that was actually WILLING to help me. The representative told me that they would simply perform a one-time "complimentary" refund of the difference for the coupon code to my account, totaling $309. However as they are only allowed to refund up to $250 for the items, they would need to escalate the ticket to the someone on "the backened" to approve the amount. I was then told I'd be contacted by email or phone within 24-48 hours about the status of the matter. Here's where everyting goes downhill...


I waited to hear back from Best Buy as the representative noted but never heard anything. I checked my Spam Folder, etc and answered every random phone call but not once was I contacted. So decided to call back in once more and check on the status. After re-explaining the situation once again I was told by another customer service representative that they TOO would escalate the ticket and that I'd once again be contacted by Customer Service within 24-48 hours. Time came and went and still nothing. I called back in yet AGAIN, this time pretty frustrated, having to re-explain the situation once more (after being bounced around from department to department) and I eventually went full "Karen" and demanded to speak with a Supervisor or Representative. At this point I was informed that there was no way for me to be directly transferred but that I'd be contacted by a representative within 4 HOURS. Well, yet again DAYS came and went and I never once heard back from anyone. 


SO I CALLED IN AGAIN, RE-EXPLAINING THE SITUATION AGAIN and the representative I spoke with told me that according to the Notes the transaction was simply waiting to be processed and that I should wait about a week to see if it had been applied to my account. A Week came and went and I've checked my account again and there is no sign of the refund that I've been promised being added to my account. 


SO I CALLED IN AGAIN TODAY! The representative I spoke with today was just as confused as to why I hadn't heard from anyone and understood my very obvious frustration with the whole situation. He told me that I'd need to speak with someone in the Best Buy Elite group to get this taken care of, so I was transferred over there. After re-explaining the situation for I can't even count what time at this point, I was told that the Best Buy Elite team couldn't do anything for me and that I'd have to me transferred back to Primary Care...where I had to explain the situation again.


As of this point I'm currently expecting a call from a Supervisor that I'm absolutely positive will NEVER come. Best Buy's Customer Service is an absolute nightmare to deal with, incapable of providing anything close to what could be called satisfactory Customer Service or any amount of closure/resolution on the case. I've basically been lied to for weeks on end at this point, continually being told that it's processing or that a supervisor would call me to speak with me about the matter. None of it ever happens. It's my honest belief that Best Buy could not care less about the situation and is hoping this will become so much of a pain for me that I simply cut my losses and give up. They've shown no effort to help or get me in contact with someone who can or provide and clear cut explanation as to what's going on and when I can expect to receive the refund that was promised to me on the 12th/13th.


It's very clear that Best Buy does not care about the $309 refund I've been promised, nor retaining me as a customer.

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Re: The Absolute Worst Customer Service Experience I've had in my entire life, Best Buy or otherw...

Hey, Jables,


Given the cost of this lens, and the potential of a $309 refund, I can of course understand  your concerns here. It simply should not be this hard to match a lower price we have going on within your return or exchange period. I would like to look into this for you. Can  you send me a private message with your name, phone number, email address, and order number? To send me a private message simply click on the message button in my signature.



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Re: The Absolute Worst Customer Service Experience I've had in my entire life, Best Buy or otherw...

PM Sent. Thanks.