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Terrible Customer Service

Ordered an iMac to be delivered, immediately found a better price at Costco (because is 'Best Buy' ever really the best buy?)


Ordered the Costco unit, and went back to Best Buy to cancel their order - well under 30 minutes since placing the order, but cancel was grayed out.


Chatted in and got bounced around from agent to agent, one cancelled the antivirus software and Apple Music that came with the computer, but not the actual computer! 


Finally get on with an agent who says he can help and am I sure I want to cancel my order...I say yes, he cancels another pending order in my account for a stove we bought during the President's Day event and awaiting install due to COVID. That stove has since gone up by over $500, the agent blamed me for not making it clear which order I wanted to cancel even though the software makes you put that in before you ever begin chat.


Got on with another employee who placed the order for the stove and honored the original pricing, but again couldn't help with cancelling the iMac.


After 2.5 hours I gave up, but now I'm freaked out because Best Buy is non-essential and closed!


Terrible service, and unacceptable treatment of the customer by chat agents.