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Terrible Customer Service: DONE WITH BEST BUY

I know as I write this that it will disappear into a black hole.  As an Elite Plus Member who has spent over $13,000 with you in the last year (if you dont believe me, look it up, I couldnt be more dissapointed in the service I received today.  I am now done with Best Buy.  Amazon will love my business, and I will make sure that it is with other retailers through them and not you!!!!  I ordered an inflateable movie screen and projector to take with me on my vacation and it was scheduled to arrive today.  For some reason the brilliant people at Best Buy sent it to my old address in Iowa when I live in Pennsylvania now.  I called and got some guy who was hard to understand and all he could do was basically read out of his manual.  I asked for a supervisor and got the same run around.  I ordered this, as I said, to take on vacation and due to your error, I wont get it as promised  I have been loyal to you, where is the loyalty to me?  I travel a ton for work and when United Airlines messes up they give me miles or travel vouchers, when Hilton messes up they give me points or vocuhers, what does best buy do, NOTHING!!!!!!!!.  It will now arrive most likely after I leave, so it is useless at this point.  I asked what will be done to make me happy, meaning send a new one to get here on time or compensate me in some manner to make me happy and they were not helpful at all.  Its a shame that you wont help customers, especially a very loyal one who has spent a lot of money there!  THANKS FOR NOTHING