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Terrible Chat and 1-800 support!!

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On Monday, Aug. 16th, I ordered 4 items for my daughter's 17th Birthday. 3 were to be delivered next day and 1 was scheduled for delivery today. On the 17th we received 2 of the 3 items expected - an Elgato Stream Deck and an Elgato LED Light Panel. The Samsung Monitor was not delivered. (Easily seen in Picture taken by Roadie Delivery person) However, the order status shows the Monitor delivered and the LED Light Panel still in Shipped status. I initiated a chat with customer support and spent 30 mins with Ricardo {removed per forum guidelines} before I was abruptly disconnected from the chat. I started a new Chat and was connected with Matthew {removed per forum guidelines} but he was unable to reconnect me with Ricardo nor was he able to see any notes or transcript which required me to start over. After another 30+ mins Matthew assured me that all was taken care of and that he would send me a transcript of the chat. 36 hours later I have not received the promised email with the confirmation number in the transcript. Nor has anything changed in the order status. This morning I called and after a 10 minute wait spoke for 34+ mins with a woman who seemed to be getting the order status corrected and the monitor set for delivery. After a brief hold she came back on and began letting me know what she had done but was cut off mid-sentence and disconnected. Unfortunately I did not get her name. I called back a few mins later and after a 12 min wait spoke to another woman whose name was Anne? (sounded like she said "Inn"). She apologized for my frustrations but was unable to view any notes or transcripts so I  had to explain the situation for the 4th time now. After going over the situation, she stated that my order status was corrected. I let her know I was on the app and still saw the incorrect status. I logged out then back in and it still showed incorrectly that the Samsung Monitor had been delivered and the Elgato Key Light Air LED Panel was shipped by Roadie. I told Anne(?) and she then asked to place me on a 2-3 minute hold. She never came back on. I waited 20 mins and finally hung up as I had to leave for an appt. So, now after 4 attempts and over 2 hours of time wasted my order status is still incorrect. I do not have the monitor for my daughter's birthday tomorrow! Apparently being an "Elite Plus" member doesn't mean much when it comes to customer service. Additionally, the quality of customer service is horrible!! I will be writing a letter to the CEO of Best Buy, Corrie Barry, the Chief Customer Officer, Allison Peterson, and Brian Tilzer, the Chief digital and technology officer as I cannot believe they are aware of this level of ineptitude in their company. After many years and multiple 10's of thousands of dollars spent, this may be my last purchase!! Unbelievable - and I still have to try to call again tomorrow!