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Store Pickup, Online Orders, 8 Orders Cancelled, UNABLE TO VERIFY INFO.

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So I'm extremely frustrated. 


For the past week, I've been trying to get a new macbook air. It was on sale and I was ready for a new computer so I jumped at the opportunity. I tried to order the computer online 4 different times, with different credit cards, and every time the order was cancelled after being confirmed and payment being processed because Best Buy was "unable to verify my info". 


So I thought, no problem, i'll just go into the store and buy one. So that night I did. And everything was great for a couple of days until I realized that the keyboard was giving me issues. As a new computer this should not happen, but unfortunately, 4 of my keys were already not working correctly. 


So, tonight I went back to the same store to exchange my computer for a new one. More bad news, the store was out of stock so I was going to have to order one to pick up at another store. Again, not a problem, I can do that. So i place the order and complete the exchange and walk out of the store. I sit down in my car and get a text, ORDER CANCELLED. We cannot verify your information. For an exchange. The TOTAL was $0. CANCELLED. 


So, I go back inside and I talk to the associate. We try to solve the problem. We refund the order back to my original form of payment and create a whole new order. Once again, the computer isn't in stock so I say NO PROBLEM, ship it to my house. So they price match the sale price from a few days ago and create a new order to ship to my house. I pay with my card AGAIN in store and get the receipt. I walk out of the store as they are closing, its 9:15PM and sit in my car. I look at my phone. ORDER CANCELLED UNABLE TO VERIFY YOUR INFORMATION. No freaking way. I paid in store. This is the 7th or 8th time i have ordered this stupid computer at this point, I literally already paid for it and i'm taking a 3 day penalty to wait for the computer to ship to my house because the first one i got was broken after I had to drive to a store in the first place because it wouldnt complete an online order orginally. 


So, now here I am. On my old computer, with no new computer coming because Best Buy literally can't find a way to sell me one. And my business at this point is pretty much lost. To get another computer means I'm going to have to go back to that same store again and somehow help the associate find a way around it because they don't know why i'm getting this message and neither do I. They don't know how to sell me a computer. And the price is now $250 higher than when I originally bought it so I can't just go in and buy another one. It has to be price matched to my original order. 


So, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO BEST BUY? I've wasted hours of my time at this point trying to buy a computer from you when honestly, I should have just purchased it from Amazon for the same price but I was trying to support you guys and I shouldn't have. 


I still want the computer. I just can't keep doing this. Its a huge hassle and time is money. 


So if you can find a way to fix any of my cancelled orders, they're all on my account. All for the same computer. The latest attempt is order #{removed per forum guidelines}. Its a Space Gray Macbook air 13 inch with 128gb of SSD. And I want to buy it I do. But I am so over this stupid process and I honestly feel like I deserve some form of compensation here for all of the time spent. 


But hey, its up to you guys, if you want my business, you'll respond. If not, I'll just give up. I'm done. 

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Re: Store Pickup, Online Orders, 8 Orders Cancelled, UNABLE TO VERIFY INFO.

Hi there, JohnMorganTraeger, 


Though, I wish it were under better circumstances, thanks for taking the time to join our Forum Community! 


I can understand being upset when an order cancels, especially when you've gone in store and had the store place the order. As store orders and online orders go through the same verification process, it is likely the same cause that is having each order cancel. 


While I wouldn't be able to guarantee any specific results just yet, we would absolutely love the opportunity to take a more in-depth look into this for you. In order to do so, we'll just need your order number, phone number, full name, and email sent over to us in a private message. 


You can initiate a private message with me by selecting the blue box labeled Private Message to the right of my signature. 

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