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Stolen Package

I ordered the C922 Pro Stream Webcam online for my 11 year old son when I saw it was on sale for 49.99 and that it had a feature that blocked out the back ground without a green screen.  


I ordered it before Thanksgiving, and was told it was going to be delivered on December 3rd.  It wasn't available in the store and during checkout I looked for an option to get it delivered to the store but did not see one.


The 3rd came and went, as did the 4th and the 5th, I stayed glued to my tracking information from Bestbuy and USPS, so I could alert my elderly neighbor when it arrives so nobody would steal it when I saw it was out for delivery on the 6th.  Nothing.  I get home at 5:30, look around outside.  Nothing.  I check tracking again, it says that it will be delivered by 8:00 PM.  I get an alert at 7:45 PM!!!!  It has been delivered!  Wait, it was delivered at 10:11 am?  Why am I just getting an update on delivery now?  It's not there.  (Best Buy alerted me at 8:42 PM that it had been delivered, 10 hours after delivery and almost an hour after USPS notification.


I filed a lost in the mail form with USPS.  I had to create an account just to do so.  It's pretty clear from reading up on it that I'm not going to get reimbursed by USPS.  I know that it wasn't lost in the mail!  It was stolen.  This is why tracking was so important to me so I could notify my neighbor of it's delivery because not only is it freezing cold outside and I dont want electronics to sit there until I get home that evening, but because lots of people walk by and it could easily be stolen.  


I spoke with Best Buy on the phone and via email.  I got an apology for the inconvenience, an "I am so sorry this happened to you" basically followed by an "oh well, nothing we can do.... Sowwy!!!!"


I am typing this on my laptop I bought from best buy, across the room is the TV I bought from bestbuy, under the tree is several presents I bought from bestbuy, my phone, etc. etc. etc.  I can't even cut my losses of 50 bucks and buy another one because it's twice as expensive now!!!!  I'm still kind of flabbergasted that I feel like I'm just out 50 bucks and nobody can do anything to rectify the situation when if I had received proper notification from any of the parties involved I could've not had the package stolen after it sat there for who knows how long.  I am very disappointed and will no longer be spending anymore money there.


As I've researched things further I see different things I might have been able to do, but it's a matter of principal.  I know that no huge corporation cares about a single customer when it comes to the future success of their business, but to be able to do absolutely nothing for someone with multiple verified purchases at their store?  Nothing?  smh