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Still out $53.75 and no one can explain why.

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Order number in question: {removed per forum guidelines}


This is both a very complicated issue and not complicated at all at the same time somehow, so i will go step by step.


1. During the sales best buy was having during October 13th and 14th i bought two identical TV's for 229.99, one on 10/13 and then decided to buy another the next day to pick up at a different best buy. Both of them go in my closet to wait for christmas.


2. On 10/27 i decided to buy the 5 year protection plans for both TV's. I go to my account online and click the button on the order in question to add the plan.


3.As soon as i click that button, the "Product price" on my order changes from 229.99 to 279.99 (The price the TV currently costs on 10/27), and charges my bank account the difference immediately (50 dollar difference works out to $53.75 when you include tax) This $53.75 charge is the entire problem.


4. I immediately click the button to cancel the plan, thinking that would fix it, and it does cancel the plan and refunded me the money for the protection plan, but the price for the TV in my order remained at 279.99, bringing the new order total to $300.99 and the erroneous $53.75 charge remains on my bank account, with the same order number attached.


5. The next day 10/28 i go down to the Dayton Mall best buy store where i picked up the TV and ask customer service about this issue. They say their system only shows i paid 229.99 for the TV, and they assume the other charge will go away after a few days. At this point i have no reason to disbelieve them, so while i am there i purchase protection plans for both the TV's in the store (each one being $48.36) with a different credit card.


6. I wait a few days and nothing changes, i go back in the store and talk to someone else at customer service, who this time does eventually see the problem when i show him print-outs from my bank history and my best buy account. But he says the only solution he can think of is to return the TV and it should refund me the $300.99 for the TV and $48.36 for the protection plan, a total of $349.35. I don't have the TV on me at this point so i go home and come in couple of days.


7. Couple of days later i bring the TV in and try to return it, not mentioning any previous problems yet. The number that comes up on their register that will be returned is $295.60, which is $229.99 for the TV, $44.99 for the protection plan, plus tax. Still $53.75 short. They bring a manager up to look into it who tells me that i should leave and call customer service because he can't help me.


8. I call customer service and talk to Miguel for a while, on his computer it shows i paid $279.99 for the TV plus tax. and he seems confused why the store wouldn't give me the full refund. So i ask him if i take this TV back to the store, they should refund me $300.99 just for the TV and he says yes. I even ask him what i should do when they say no, and he says "They will not say no."


9. I immediately go back to the store and tell the same manager "Fred" that i did what he asked and customer service says you should refund me what my best buy account says. This seems to frustrate him more and he says he isn't the person to deal with this, and calls the Geek Squad manager to come deal with me.


10. Kenneth {removed per forum guidelines}, Geek Squad Manager tells me again all they can do is scan the item and return what their system says, and i should take anything else up with 1-888-best-buy. I ask him if maybe we can call them together and figure this out, he flat out says no he won't do that, and refuses to listen to the recording i had of my previous call with customer service. So i take his card and leave.


11. Calling customer service again, i get Santiago this time, who again doesn't understand why there is an issue, but he sends me an email with a return label to bring the TV to UPS to send back, and assures me i will be refunded the full 300.99 for the TV, and the protection plan we can handle later. I bring the TV to UPS that same afternoon and it was delivered to Best Buy November 5th.


12.This morning, November 9th i get an e-mail with a return receipt from Best Buy in Shepardsville KY. The returns on this receipt are for 229.99 + 17.25 tax for the TV, and  44.99 + 3.37 for the protection plan, for a total of $295.60. Still $53.75 short.


13. I call customer service again, this time i speak with Diana for exactly 1 hour, and she still cannot explain any of this, she says the 53.75 charge says it is for a "Debit Memo" which doesn't make sense to either of us. She says to give it 10-15 more days and maybe it will be refunded, and if it isn't to call them again That isn't much of a resolution.


I'm not sure how well uploading pictures here will work but i will try to upload atleast one that might illuminate the problem. I also have recordings of all my calls with customer service if they are needed.


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Re: Still out $53.75 and no one can explain why.

Good afternoon, kreshar,


Thank you for taking the time to stop by our community forums. I appreciate you taking the time to write to us about this purchase and providing this summary of events around this purchase. I know if I was in your shoes, I would want to both figure out where this charge came from and why it hadn't been refunded. I would be glad to help you look into this to see what options we have available to help moving forward.


I'd like to begin by reviewing your order history and will need a couple more details to do so. Can you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number


You can send me a private message by clicking the blue button at the bottom of this post. I look forward to hearing back from you so I can further assist you. 

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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