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Steam Gift Card Will Not Redeem

I ordered  2 "Steam Wallet" giftcards from but they have already been redemmed.


I planned to surprise my daugther with a valve steamdeck.

I purchased the cards late Dec 2021 durrig an after christmass sale (buy one get one 15% off), and planned to use them when the steamdeck was ready to ship. Saddly the steam deck was delayed many months, but i never thought id have an issue with the gift cards since they were directly from bestbuy. 

We scratched off the giftcard codes on monday 5/10, but were unable to use the codes.


The Steam Wallet system states they have already been redeemed.
But I dont know how that is possible. I ordered these directly from, i have had them in my posession the whole time, and just yesterday scratched off the code for use. The cards looked brand new and unused and not tampered with. 


I contacted valve/steam support, and they said there is nothing they can do. i would need to contact the store i bought them from.


I "chatted" with bestbuy support, waited 15 minutes and was told i would need to call to get this resolved

"Not to worry , In this case I'd suggest you to contact us on phone 1-888-237-8289 we will help you with the sending the new Gift card or reissue the code."


So next i called and waited on hold for around 50 minutes. i was told the codes didnt match what was in the system and were somehow invalid since they didnt start with a "6" (possibly just an activation confrimation number?) She said there was nothing she could do since the order was past 15 days old. (4 months old) If only i had tried to activate them as soon as i got them


Looking over the serial numbers on the cards i noticed they match those on my receipt. So, i  made a second call and waited on hold again for around 50 minues. This time i was told to call 1.888.716.7994.


I called the number and waited on hold again for 10 minutes. But that number was incorrect. i was told this phone number only supports gift cards to be used at bestbuy. Specifcally "bestbuy girftcards" 


I called a third time and waited on hold for about 30 minutes. This time i was told all they could do was verify that the cards had been activated. I would need to contact the manufacturer (steam) to find out why they could not be redeemed.


I'm reaching out hopeing someone is able to help me resolve this. 

Its been crazy frustrating, and i would have never thought this would be an issue. 


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Re: Steam Gift Card Will Not Redeem

Thanks for reaching out to us here on the Best Buy Forums.  I can certainly understand you looking for some support here, as I would be doing the same.  I would be glad to take a look into this and see what I can find out for you and what options we may have.   

To get started, please send me a private message with your name, phone number, email address, and order number (if you have it).  You should be able to send me that message by using the blue button next to my signature.


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