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Bravely Default II Preorder

I have Bravely Default II for the Nintendo Switch preordered and I received the preorder bonus yesterday, but the actual game has yet to even ship (release date is today). I'm wondering if there is some sort of delay I should be aware of? I can understand if it's a mail delay, but the status is still on getting it ready

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Haven't recieved package in over 5 days.

I originally ordered a game for the nintendo switch back on february 13th, (scheduled to release on the 23rd) and my game has still yet to be delivered. UPS has it stuck in a facility saying theres "severe weather" when its perfect outside. Not only that, but I payed $10 extra for this horrible shipping and even though the stores near me are in stock, they shipped it from california. I've had enough waiting for this game and getting 0 updates on it in the past few days.

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Re: Haven't recieved package in over 5 days.

Recently had a package that had this same message.  UPS seemed to have stuck it in a corner and decided not to attempt another delivery.  I called UPS and they said they'd look into it.  2 days later, it was finally delivered.  I will say that it never updated from "Local Weather Delay" to "Out for Delivery".  It went straight from the weather delay to "Delivered".  I would encourage you to reach out to UPS, once the package is put in UPS' hands it's on them to complete the delivery. 


If this was a new release game, it was likely shipping from a distribution center.  Basically, when games first come out the manufacturers ship to our distribution centers.  From there, the distribution center ships units out to customers as well as store locations to have them in stock.  

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Multiple unsuccessful customer service attempts.

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  My name is Stephen and have been dealing with multiple issues on a single order that I would like to have rectified. 

To start, the order number is withheld due to being a public forum and I currently have 2 case ID numbers. One from chat and one via phone which are : {removed per forum guidelines} and {removed per forum guidelines}. I was told I'd receive transcripts of the conversations but did not.
So I placed an order for a Playstation 5 on Feb. 19th after checking everyday fornthe last 3 months. This was my sons big birthday gift. After placing the order I got a message saying failed card authorization, which is my BestBuy Citibank card. After 4 hours of calling and web chatting with support they said they corrected the issue and that everything was all set.

  Since than, the status had shown "preparing item for pickup on Friday, Feb. 26th". The 26th came and I waited till 4 for an update and received nothing. Because the store is an hour and a half away, I decided to call to check on the order. After an hour and a half I finally reached a representative who could see that the item was received in on the 24th of Febuary. He said there was an issue with Citibank and transferred me to them. Citibank stated everything was fine on their end, and that I had the proper credit to process the purchase. They than transferred me back to Bestbuys rep. He than said my best option was to drive to the store and that they would take care of everything.

   I drive 90 minutes to the store to get there just before 7pm and speak with an employee at the desk about what is going on with my order. He in turn gets the Store Manager who after a few minutes informs me my item is not there, even though behind him I see multiple Playstation 5 units awaiting. After asking what needs to be done to rectify the issue he states I will not be getting my item that day, in which we proceeded to argue about the situation. After talking he takes my email address and sends me a blank email stating that he will figure this out. His email is 

{removed per forum guidelines}.

   I than leave and call customer service again on my 90 minute ride back home. After reaching 2 people who had no options I than reached a 3rd person who spent more time with me. She than had us do a 3way call with Citibank again like before as Bestbuy keeps stating it's a issue on Citibanks end. We go through everything with Citibank again and they state everything is all set on their end. 

  I am than placed on hold got quite some time and than when the Bestbuy rep comes back she says something about canceling the order to fix it. By that point I had been dealing with this from 4pm to 9pm and could not take anymore and informed her I needed to stop for now as I would like to see my family, in which she provided me the case ID.

  It's now 3pm the following day. I havent heard anything so I reached out via webchat again as I'm exhausted from being on hold with Bestbuy, in which I messaged the woman and she said that I would need to send an email.

  I have spent quite a bit of money with BestBuy and have been a good customer, but when it comes to BestBuy needing to do right by me, you guys do not care and make the customer do all the work for any semblance of resolution. There should be no reason in a professional business that the customer needs to correct the issues made solely by the business. 

  At this point I am in contact with multiple local news stations in terms of consumer protection.

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Can I have my order cancelled?

I was supposed to get Bravely Default II on release day, now it is saying I won't get it until Monday and I could easily just go to a store and grab it right now and play it with friends rather than feeling left out. But I can't cancel my order...

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Order Delayed, Unable to Cancel

Horrible Customer Service.  


I purchased a Samsung S21 Ultra phone for over $900 online on February 22nd.  When purchasing, the website advised my ordered would be delivered the next day February 23rd.   When the order still hadn't shipped by February 24th I spent an hour on the phone with customer service to no avail. I was trying to cancel the delayed order and get refunded so that I could purchase another phone.  I was told I would have to come out of pocket another $1000 and wait 2-3 weeks for a refund.  This is absolutely unacceptable.  I reached out to chat service on February 24th and was advised that my order was being refunded only to receive an email a few hours later stating again I would have to wait several weeks to be refunded.  This phone is need to take to someone overseas and I am departing March 4th.  Who has an extra $1000 in these COVID times to purchase another phone?


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Re: Can I have my order cancelled?

If you wait for a BBY staff member here, you have a couple of options -


Buy the game at your local store -




1. If the game arrives, you can actually return it to a Best Buy store for a refund


2. Refuse the delivery and it goes back to BBY for a refund.


3. Accept the delivery of the extra item and use the prepaid label from your BBY Account in order to send it back to BBY.


1-888-BEST-BUY would be best way to handle this, these forums can help but immediate replies are not a guarantee.

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Re: Can I have my order cancelled?

Nevermind. No stores in my area even have it right now. This sucks. 

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Re: Bravely Default II Preorder

My order now says delayed. It is three days after the release date and it still has not even shipped. Not to get sassy, but I don't understand the point of preordering if it doesn't even ship by release day, much less having to deal with a potential mail fiasco.

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Re: Order Delayed, Unable to Cancel


Still have not received a reply back from customer service about this.


Can someone please help?


J. Gater