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Delayed Order

I ordered an MSI Rtx 3080 gaming desktop from on October 28th to be picked up in store on November 6. The order status stayed at PREPARING FOR PICK UP until the evening of November 6th when it changed to DELAY. No other information is given to me as to why, and as to when it will be ready. Keep in mind that this item was still available for order on up to November 6th. Also, a coworker purchased the same item 4 days after I did and has already taken delivery of his. As it stands I’m left without a computer at home as I didn’t anticipate this outcome. I spend over five thousand dollars a year at bestbuy and they treat a customer like this? Depending on the outcome, I may have to reconsider my relationship with bestbuy.
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Last Time Ordering From Best Buy because of OnTrac Shipping

I thought I'd buy from Best Buy to support them a bit instead of Amazon.  Unfortunately, OnTrac pushed back delivery three times now for my product.


In the meantime, I ordered and received the same item from Amazon starting two days later.  They win.  I'll be rejecting the delivery, or if I don't catch them, returning the itme to a local Best Buy store assuming it ever gets here.

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Re: Why Best Buy charge credit card months befor order will ship ?

Happened to me too, I just got off from a call with Best Buy credit card customer service. No Help.

BestBuy store charged me for an item that is not yet shipped and the BB credit card says they can't help if the charge came through. Now I am due to pay for this item that is not yet shipped and no guarantee it will be shipped on that said date.

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Order Delay

I placed an order on 10/31/21 with a store pick-up date of 11/5. The order has been delay and I was notified on 11/5 of the delayed status change. I contacted support on:


11/5: they stated the order would arrive in a few days

11/6: It is at the store, you will get it soon

11/7: It has not shipped to the store, but you will get it in 2 business days

11/8: It is at the store, wait for your email today

11/9: It shipped to the store, you will get it in 2 business days

11/10: It is at the store, wait for your email today

11/11: It is on it's way to your store, wait for the email.


I recognize Covid and the supply chain challenges have disrputed the wolrd and retail. I am not asking for perfection or even pin point accuracy (your order will arrive today at 11:32:45 and Jerry will hand it to you) but I am asking for 2 things:


1. Be truthful / honest with what you tell people when they inquire about an order delay

2. Provde your support staff with accurate information or empower them to be truthful: we don't know where your order is.


I do not believe your support staff is making things up, so where are they getting their data? Why were the 7 calls above so consistent in their answers yet none were accurate? This experience has not built trust in your brand. 

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Nintendo Switch OLED Order delayed??

Was able to order a Switch OLED online on 10/29 and got a pick up date for 11/5, then on 11/6 received a notification for delyed delivery. It's been two weeks since placing the order and a week after the pick up date and I have had no further notices and the online chat is always unavailable, so I'm bascially at a loss here. Why have the item available for order if it can't be filled??  Anyone else having this issue?

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Re: Order lost in shipping

Out of curiosity did your package get an inbound scan in Ft Worth?  I have had two package scan in at LSO Ft Worth in the last month that have not been delivered and know of two  others with a similar experience.  Either they are very incompetent or there is a lot of theft occurring there.

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Awful delivery service ONTRAC

The date of release was November 12 and now I hope Iwill receive my order on November 18

Package arrived at destination facility.
Sat, Nov 13, 5:14 a.m.
Redlands, CA
Shipment Delayed; Delivery Date Updated
Fri, Nov 12, 6:02 p.m.
El Centro, CA
Origination scan.
Fri, Nov 12, 1:19 p.m.
Origination scan.
Fri, Nov 12, 1:19 p.m.
Origination scan.
Fri, Nov 12, 3:56 a.m.
Origination scan.
Thu, Nov 11, 9:48 p.m.
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Why do you keep using OnTrac

They are giving you.a bad name.  My pack has been at the destination facility since Friday. It was supposed to be delivered on Monday.  It was to be a gift for my wife, now I just see delays stacking up.


  1. Shipment Delayed; Delivery Date UpdatedTue, Nov 16, 6:04 p.m.TUCSON, AZ
  2. Shipment Delayed; Delivery Date UpdatedMon, Nov 15, 6:08 p.m.TUCSON, AZ
  3. Shipment Delayed; Delivery Date UpdatedFri, Nov 12, 6:04 p.m.TUCSON, AZ
  4. Package arrived at destination facility.Fri, Nov 12, 9:21 a.m.TUCSON, AZ
  5. Package arrived at destination facility.Fri, Nov 12, 9:20 a.m.TUCSON, AZ

when I track the package it tells me an event has occurred causing the delay, what event?  I called OffTrac and they tell me it is in position to be loaded for delivery,  I have heard that for the last 2 days now.  I placed on order with you because your price was a bit cheaper than Amazon, I will it be making that mistake in the future.  Get you crap together and hold your vendors responsible for the inability to deliver packages.

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Re: Why do you keep using OnTrac

BBY uses multiple shipping options to try and get the item for your based on product inventory throughout all of their stores and warehouses. Unfortunately delays may happen this time of year and contacting OnTrac directly may be your best option for the delay. If you call them and can't get any action on this issue you can request help from Best Buy here and they may be able to escalate this issue.

Former Best Buy Super User Community Veteran since 2008. Please note due to the forum closings, I will no longer be answering posts on these forums. Please visit for support or dial 1-888-BEST-BUY for further assistance.
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Ordered a New Television. Received an Open Box instead!



I am quite displeased and upset with my current experience with Best Buy. 


On Nov. 19th, I ordered online a NEW 24" tv - model NS-24F202NA22. I checked other places first, but unfortunately, Best Buy was the only place that had it. Delivery was stated on Nov. 20th.


The next day, Nov. 20th, I receive an email that the package has been delivered, with a photo of it at my apartment door. Was quite excited. 


When I got home, I could not believe it. The box had tape all over it saying "Inspected" and there was a price tag on it that was $20 less than what I paid. Another label on the box confirmed it was an open box televison. It came from the Bay Parkway store in Brooklyn. Therfore, after ordering a new tv, I received a returned open box one, of lesser value!


I tried calling customer service, but that went nowhere.


Since it was about 4:30 pm, I decided to try to take it back to the Best Buy at Kings Plaza in Brooklyn, as that one is the closest to me. Took the bus and I got there a little while later. I explained what happened to the customer service rep. They saw the problem with the box and confirmed I received the wrong item. They checked the store, but I was told there were none in stock of that tv. They told me they can order a new one from the warehouse, and that I will receive it on Nov. 20th. I took the chance to do that, although I do not have much confidence I will get what I ordered.


I got an email that it's about to ship/a shipping label was created, but it's the afternoon of the 20th, and no confirmation of shipping yet.


The website says that there are two in stock at the Best Buy at Kings Plaza in Brooklyn. So, I don't know if that is incorrect, or if the store manager just didn't really check. I would have taken the one in the store, provided it was new. But that didn't appear to be an option for me when I was there.


But mostly, I cannot believe that they did this. Sending me a open box tv instead of the new one I ordered. Because either that is incompetence and carelessness, or it could be an attempt at an act of fraud.


From the aggravation I had to put up with and that I had to take the bus there (which did cost something), I should have been given a discount or something for their mistake. But they refused. Plus, it looks like it won't be received by the date it was promised.


Thank you for reading this. Hopefully someone at Best Buy can confirm that I will receive the tv that i ordered as new, and a bit of a discount for this whole problem would be nice too. I don't normally purchase from Best Buy because of horror stories like this.  Because after what I just experienced, I doubt I'll be coming back to Best Buy anytime soon for anything else.