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Order hasn't shipped

I bought item at June 24, says it's shipped but stuck at "We’re waiting for UPS to provide your tracking information, but it should be available soon.", while UPS website says "Check back tomorrow for an updated delivery date." It was supposed to "arrive" today, as per Best Buy website: "Arriving Today". What is happening? I already messaged Allison-BBY but they hasn't replied to it. Please help!

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Package didn't arrive with no shipping updates



I'm a bit mad right now because the package that I ordered would arrive on June 28, 2021 before 10 PM and I still haven't gotten it. And the two only shipping updates that I had was on Sunday, June 27, 2021 and it stated "2:26 PM -- Your package is on its way" and "9:43 a.m. -- A driver has been assigned". After that, there was no update and I was home all day at Sunday and there was no knocking on my front door or a phone call or/even an update that the shipping was delivered/delayed. I even waited till the end of today (June 28), as that was the estimated delivery date, before complaining in the Best Buy forum.


The worse part is it is used by Best Buy delivery service, which has no way past reviews or any reputable credibilty (or at least not yet). So there is no way to know if my package was stolen from the person who was supposed to deliver it, a random thief walking around, or if there is a problem with the shipping process of some kind. I had experience with all the different postal services such as USPS, UPS, Fedex, etc. And with them, it is easier to figure out what happened with my package as they try to update the shipping process as much as possible. So I'm here sitting in the dark not knowing what happened with my package.


Now, the latest update right now at 11 PM - June 28, 2021, is that my order is "out for delivery" and the only information it has is "shipped on June 26, 2021". So I'm unsure whether I will even get my package. The issue is I extremely needed that package  the next day (tomorrow) as it is a gift and it seems l won't get it in time.


So could you please refund my order as I may need to buy it in a Best Buy store or somewhere else? If I knew that issues was going to arise, I would've just went to a physical store and bought it there. I'm sorry for being angry but I really wanted to stop using Amazon so I decided to buy from Best Buy. I could provide the information that you may need to assist with this problem. I'm sorry again for my anger/rant and I thank you in advance for assistance.

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Lost package UPS needs Best Buy to file a claim

As of last night the printer that was supposed to have been delivered on 6/25 & then was delayed, has had no movement since 6/26. According to UPS a claim needs to be filed, but Best Buy needs to begin. Over $300 for a printer and who knows where it is & I can’t seem to reach Best Buy.
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Bestbuy's inventory system is garbage.

About a week and a half ago I ordered $2k worth of merchandise from <br><br>More specifically an Asus gaming laptop and a gaming mouse. <br><br>I selected ship to store for both. The next day I get a notification that the laptop isn't available for ship to store. I call customer service, they tell me the same thing and offer to change shipping to my address. I agree. They say it will be there the following day. <br><br>I check my account online. Turns out customer service changed my shipping method to overnight shipping without telling me and charged me and extra $40. I change the shipping method to free shipping. <br><br>Two days pass. The item still has not left the warehouse. I change the shipping to two day shipping to see if they will send it out faster. <br><br>Two days go by. Not only has the item not shipped but I now recieve a notification that it has been delayed. I message customer service on facebook. They tell me my the warehouse has my order but has not released it on their end. He says he will work on it and get back with me in a couple days. <br><br>Two days go by. I say forget it and cancel my order. I notify bestbuy customer service via facebook and thank them for their help. They claim that the warehouse says they're working on releasing my order but I doubt it. I check the laptop on and find out its out of stock. That explains the whole ordeal. Inventory is so slow at updating I got charged for an item that wasnt in stock. <br><br>I wont be shopping again even though the laptop is now back in stock. Whos to say you won't keep me hanging again. I am purchasing a Lenovo Legion 5 from<br><br> You just lost a customer bestbuy. Fix your online shopping experience.
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Package lost? UPS shows delay since 6/19



Just curious what can be done for a preorder I placed back on May 15th.  The game released on June 18th, but the UPS shipment has been in a delayed status since June 19th.  I tried starting a claim with UPS, but it wouldn't let me and have to take it up with 'sender'.  I have order & tracking numbers at the ready.  Thank you.

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No Godzilla vs. Kong shipped after two weeks...

To start out, I'm sorry to anyone who hasn't recieved their pre-order, but one month or two weeks, either way just saying that USPS hasn't recieved the item isn't very helpful. Also when I try to click on customer service on the app, there are obviously no useful FAQs, and there was no where telling me how to contact Best Buy. When I first ordered the item, after a few days it said it was out for delivery...then after it didn't show up for two days with no updates, it finally updated to say instead of "out for delivery" it said "USPS has yet to recieve this item". I thought that was really odd. I would just like the option to cancel the order or to know if Best Buy ever plans on shipping these out.
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Worst experience

I called customer service on 6/30 to purchase a laptop for $1,000 for the sole purpose of needing it for my new job. I've had a hard time finding work due to covid & finally got a job that requires one. During the conversation, I told him I needed it by 7/2 for work, he assured me at least 10 times it would be there by that date. I told him anytime before the 5th would be perfect. "You'll for sure get it by then" he tells me over & over. I used affirm & this threw him off I guess cause I had to hang on the phone for an hour & a half before he could get a receipt for me. The next day, I called back just to make sure it was set to arrive on time cause of course I can't see my own order history cause he's misspelled my entire name. They assure me it'll be here on the 2nd. Sure enough the night before, I get an email it's been delayed with no date. Between then & now, I've called about 9 or 10 times & I've heard a brand new story each time. I've had 3 different holds removed, not sure what kind of holds as they couldn't tell me. I've had them "push it through the register" whatever that means. They'll blind transfer you without consent or letting the next adv know, leaving you to repeat your story over & over. I've heard they don't have it in the warehouse & may order from manufacturer. I've had them promise me a new date of 7/7 yet here it is 7/5 & it hasn't even been shipped. My last phone call, she promised me multiple times "it would be here on the 7th, they have the laptop in hand & it'll be here, guaranteed". Luckily all of my calls are recorded because these are blatant lies. I've ordered a mouse pad, mouse, additional display, & an entire desk from Amazon 4 days ago & everything is already here. My whole office is set up minus the one thing I need most. This is causing me nothing but anxiety, it could have cost me my job that was so hard to find. It's set to be here on the 7th but I've learned my lesson, I will never do this again. I honestly don't see how you stay in business. Best Buy used to be great. You can't even call the actual store, you can only speak to people who give you generic statements. Never again.
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Delayed Order & No Help


I purchased a Lenovo Legion Tower 5 on 6/10/2021 and when it arrived on 06/22/2021, it was DOA (dead on arrival). My husband I went back to Best Buy, Tempe - and they were able to exchange it for a Razer Blade 15 Base that had been on sale for Prime Day.

On July 2nd, it was suppose to arrive, and had told me it was preparing for pickup July 1st. On July 2nd, I called support and they informed me the truck was on its way. Around 5PM on 07/02/2021, we were informed by the Best Buy, Tempe staff that the laptop hadn’t moved from California and was not even in the state of Arizona. We were beyond disappointed and upset, but remained calm and have been looking for other ways to see what’s happening.

It is now July 6th and it still says delayed. I tried to contact Razer, but unfortunately they can’t do much since it was purchased through Best Buy. We got an insanely good deal on this gaming laptop for myself, and we are worried it will get cancelled while it is delayed through the Best Buy.

We just want an ETA, but quite honestly the staff at Tempe seemed like they could care less. It was disheartening to not get the help we needed, and be in limbo wondering when it will be here. I was on hold for about a half an hour before I decided to just go with a forum.

Please help :-(
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Lost package wont refund

[ Edited ]

My order {removed per forum guidelines} was ordered on june 21st. On BestBuy's website it says "shipped on June 22". When I check on UPS's website it says to come back tomorrow and check. When I call UPS they say the package hasn't yet been scanned in yet so they can't give an update. Because I didn't ship the pacakge, UPS won't let me file a claim. I also can't file a police report, because I don't think the package was ever shipped or checked in by UPS, and I don't know where its located and so don't know which local law enforcement to register a police report with. Bestbuy chat reps say they can't provide a refund or send a replacement. This seems unfair, as bestbuy hasn't delivered the product that I ordered and let me in a postiion where I can't file a claim with UPS or file a police report. Please help!

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Unable to make shipping changes or see details

I wanted to look at an upcoming order but I’m unable to make any changes or see details. When I click those buttons, the website/app takes me to the sign-in screen than the main Best Buy page.