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Hi need help with something

Hi my name is Gustavo and this morning I made a purchase of some AirPods Pro for delivery to my house/ address below the shipment status it says awaiting pick up does that mean the order is waiting to be collected /pick up from a carrier I would really appreciate the help please and thank you
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Re: Hi need help with something

If the tracking says it's awaiting pickup, that does mean it is waiting for the carrier to pick up.  If you ordered it today, very few carriers pick up on Sundays.  Also, tomorrow is Memorial Day.  Many carriers will not be operating due to the National Holiday.  Upon pickup, the tracking should update to something more helpful.

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Online Order Says Shipped But No Tracking Number


I purchased an item on 6/1 and I received a notification that it was “Shipped”. However, there is no tracking number listed on my order. I located the tracking via FedEx directly and they state then are still waiting for the item to be received by them. It has been 3 days. The order was supposed to be delivered by 6/2. Could anyone please assist me in a status update?
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Delayed iPads???

I ordered 2 ipads over 3 weeks ago for my daughter’s birthdays. The ipads are in stock, but I’m being told it’s delayed. I called and they told me it would be delivered by the 7th…I know that’s not going to happen as it’s still saying delayed.

I’m being asked daily from my daughters where their Birthday presents are and I don’t have an answer for them. I told them the 7th, but now I’ll have let them down again.

I feel like Best Buy is waiting to cancel my order as the price has now increased.

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Re: !! Next day shipping delayed - requesting refund !!

I am so tired of getting a different answer every time I contact you. I have no phone and I needed a next day delivery. Wow you offered that. Your store is five mins away but you never let me change it to pick up instead. I was told several times the item would be delivered overnight as promised. You do not tell people that you use ups. They are the WORST. NOTHING EVER CONES ON TIME. this was an overnight delivery of a very needed cell phone because I’m the single mother to a special needs child and the phone is our lifeline. You can’t use Covid as an excuse for not having competent people working for you. I only ordered the phone from you because I was promised it would br here yesterday now it’s Saturday. Ups doesn’t deliver on Saturday. Ups is telling me that it won’t be here til sometime next week. I feel the frustration and you app will not allow me to cancel and get a refund to so can go buy a phone today when I really need a phone NOW. DONT TELL ME YOURE SORRY. YOU ARENT SORRY. YOU know these items will never make it overnight. Yet you still adversities it anyways. Had I known this would happen I never would have bought from you. I was told by a customer service agent that it was absolutely coming yesterday. Will it didn’t. So I want a full refund now. Tell me how I do that when I call the store no one answers. I have to drag my two year old screaming with autism into your store he can’t wear a mask. Tell me what I’m supposed to do? Noe it’s gonna take weeks to get my money back cuz I paid with a debit card. I never shopping at your store again.
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Horrific bestbuy experience

I called about checking the status of my delayed order. I was in call with 4customer reps for 3 long hours.couple of them put me on hold to check something for 20mins and ended up hanging the call.may be because of the new WFH schedule they may be doing this .no idea . And after 3hours of running in circles explaining the same thing over and over again I dint get any help and neither I have an option to give feedback on the device. I felt like I am in a loop and wasted more time then actually the amount spent on my order. This is not right way to treat someone paying or buying from an online store
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My order has been left for three weeks

I ordered iPad on May 19 and waiting for shipment THREE WEEKS.
However, the arrival of the item is already almost TWO WEEKS behind schedule.

Order date
May 19, 2021

Original ETA
May 27, 2021

I've made three inquiries via live assistant chat so far, but only answered that it will be shipped in a few days.
The final answer was that it will ship today, but the status of the order has not yet been updated.

Who is responsible person for this terrible problem?
Also please make sure the cause of the delay and the exact ETA.
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Bought a new Alienware laptop now delayed

I bought a new Alienware laptop on June 4th was told it would be in on the 10th, finally this morning I got a email saying it would be delayed, I tried doing a chat with support saying they could guarantee me it would be in yesterday. Which of course never happened I tried doing chat with support today who basically said same thing that I would receive it today. What I want to know is are they just told to say whatever will make me happy. The laptop is now sold out and no one can tell me where mine is and there is no tracking info for it. I’m the times now everything for gaming is selling out fast. Also in bottom of email it said that if I don’t receive order by June 24th they will cancel. I just really wish there was some way to track this order or someone could tell me that it either will or won’t show up or at least what my probabilities are. If it’s not coming I just need to continue my search my card was already charged which I was told would not happen till it shipped. Is there any Best Buy employee that can help?
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Re: "Shipment ready for UPS"'s been 2 weeks!


I have a similar situation as Dardar25.

I ordered an item for an occasion and my order status indicated a label was created but the item has not been shipped and no status from UPS has been updated. Supposedly, the item was shipped on 6/1 but here it is 6/13 and it still is not shipped and no status is pending from UPS.

Please advise.

Thank you,


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Bestbuy support trust issues

I was having troubles with my order and no one could get their story straight. I made my order on June 11, and it was cancelled the next morning. I checked my email and it said that there was a failed delivery attempt. No one ever contacted me during said delivery attempt. I go to the website and check the order status and it says the order has been cancelled. After only one sorry attempt my order got cancelled, pretty funny if you ask me. SO, I go ahead and call up support, the funny AI says that my order is being prepared, so I say alright I guess its just an error. I go into live chat to get more information about this, and I get the even funnier response... my order is going to be delivered tomorrow, there is nothing to worry about. Despite the website still saying my order is cancelled, I wait until June 13. The day is almost over and it still says my order is cancelled. So I contact live chat support again and I am given a brand new answer which is that my order is awaiting pick up from me. Now I can't help but be confused because every single person is giving me a different narrative about my order. I was told it was waiting for me to pick it up, but not told where I was supposed to pick it up. SO, I contact support again but on the phone this time and I am told that my order is still processing. Every time I contact support I am told something new, but I am also told to wait until the end of day, so I do wait until the end of the day. Today, June 14, one day after the order was supposed to be delivered, and 2 days after the order was "cancelled," I call support again to see what new thing I am going to be told this time. Live chat tells me that my order is on the way and will be delivered tomorrow? But I don't believe it so I contact support on the phone and for the first time someone from support actually tells me that my order has been cancelled since June 12. In total I have contacted support 7 times, and every single time I am given a different answer on what is happening to my order. I don't even know who to believe anymore, I just want my item.