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Delivery Driver Returned package for no reason

The best buy delivery driver returned my package because he was lost.

I have had many packages delivered from best buy until yesterday. Including 2 geek squad visits

All of a sudden my address is inaccessible when I live in a highrise with a concierge.

I received a text and an email stating my item was returned so I called best buy to inquire why.

I called Best Buy 5 times and spoke to five different people.

The first person said that they didn't know what was going on.

The second person told me that best buy sent me an email and text by mistake and that he spoke to the delivery driver and my package was on the way. So I waited all day, and then I called once the package did not come.

The third person kept telling me that I would have to reorder or wait until the next day to see what's going on, I asked for a supervisor, and he would not put a supervisor on the line, he just kept saying that I would have to wait until the next day.

The fourth person I spoke with told me that she could help me but then proceeded to put me on hold for close to 40 minutes without even coming back to say she is was still working on it or anything. Our phone call got disconnected once I entered the elevator of my building.

The fifth person told me that he would get me a supervisor, he put me on hold for 20 minutes only to come back and say that a supervisor would call me in an hour, but no one ever called.

Best buys customer service is garbage!
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Godzilla vs Kong Steelbook Preorder Not Arrived


After speaking to customer service via Chat, there does not seem to provide a resolution that I have preodered the item on May 16th to say it would be here by Release date - June 15th. Naturally one day later, i'm in the everlasting loop of "We will let you know when it's back in stock". I placed a pre-order to have it shipped and still I was not part of your stock? 


Honestly confused, and require a resolution to this.


Thank you.

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Best Buy is the worst place to buy something

Last Wednesday, I ordered a gaming desktop on best buy because the specific model that I was looking for was a little bit cheaper at best buy than on amazon. The shipping difference in time was supposed to be 2 days or so, as I was supposed to receive the desktop on Friday, June 18th. Unfortunately, they sold out and it was delayed. I thought it would just be a day or two but it turns out, I won't get my order until JULY 2nd at the earliest!!


Not only that but I can't even cancel it anymore to order the thing on amazon. So I'm stuck waiting for this stupid thing now because I already paid for it and the only way I'd get my money back is if I waited and returned it. I have been a best buy customer for 15 odd years, and this is the last straw! No wonder retail is dying with customer service policies like this. If I ordered it on amazon, it would have been here last Saturday....


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Best Buy really needs to stop using FedEx. They're a horribly shipping company. I got next day Saturday delivery and my package has still not arrived. It says delivery date pending after having said it would be delivered on the 19th. This is the second time in a row I've ordered from Bestbuy online that this has happened with. I will not be using BestBuy online to make anymore purchases until they change postal carriers. This is so unprofessional and misleading.

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Unreliable delivery dates

I recently spent a good amount of money on a new monitor, keyboard and mouse. Seeing as how these are high ticket items that can easily be damage by the elements I chose to pay an extra $33 in shipping to schedule it for a Wednesday delivery when I would be home.

Yesterday I noticed the app said the keyboard would be arriving today and it did. It was delivered around 1pm and will be sitting in the sun for six hours until I get home. Assuming it doesn't get stolen off my porch.

I called customer support when I first noticed it would be arriving early and was assured that everything would arrive Wednesday. That was a lie.

Now I see the mouse is delayed to Thursday even though the tracker shows it's already in my city.

Did she put a delay on the wrong item?

Why am I paying extra to have my order delivered on Wednesday if it's just going to show up whenever?

My plan was to buy a PC soon after this experience I'm leaning towards buying somewhere else.

I understand covid has affected deliveries but when you choose a specific day and pay extra to have it arrive on that day it should not be delivered early without contacting the customer first. I find it unacceptable to charge for delivery and not keep to the schedule.

This has mostly been a rant but for me to be satisfied I need the delivery fee refunded at the very least.

Hopefully the keyboard is fine when I get home.
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Delivery stuck on “Shipment information sent to fedex”

I ordered a PC from Best Buy and originally chose to have it shipped in store for pickup on Friday June 25th. I got back on the website later that day and noticed that it says I would get it on the 23rd if I choose to have it shipped to my address, so I changed the delivery to my address. The next day, Tuesday, the 22nd I tracked my order and it said that Information has been sent to fedex and that my package is in transit and has been shipped and will arrrive on the 23rd. Today is the 23rd and it’s still stuck on “information has been sent to fedex” I called fedex today and they said they have not received my package and that the tracking will update when they receive it. I called Best Buy and told them what fedex said and they told me not to worry and that I will revive my package today. I don’t see how I will be receiving my package today when fedex hasn’t even received it yet?? Someone help please
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Re: Delivery stuck on “Shipment information sent to fedex”

Receive..not revive
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Orders keep getting delayed


I've noticed over the last few weeks that orders I am placing for delivery keep going into delayed status. This seems to happen within minutes of the order being places, even when the games show as "in stock, delivered by 9pm" (I am an Elite Plus member)


I switched one to in-store pickup and was able to pick it up  a few hours later, but this is getting ridiculous. Support is telling me the games are actually out of stock and will be shipped, but why does the website continue to list them as being in stock and available to be delivered the same day?


Is there some way to check my account to make sure something else isn't going on here? It seemed like a fluke the first time, but now that I've had 3 orders go through this same thing in 3 weeks seems hard to believe. I understand things are messed up now in general but this pattern seems like something is getting hung up with my account.



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Customer service lies

On 6/21/21 I ordered a laptop for a friend who is down and out of money.  I purchased the computer and was told the item would be delivered on 6/23.

My friend took A half day off from work to await its arrival since she lives in an apartment building in a not so great neighborhood and was afraid the computer would be stolen.

I was informed on 6/22 that the item was shipped via UPS.

on 6/23 I was informed by UPS that they had not received the item and to contact Best Buy.  I went online and chatted with MannyP who said the item was being delivered by the local store and not UPS.  I was assured the item would be delivered today.

A few hours later I chatted with Ester Thompson who confirmed the item was out for delivery and she would have it by 9pm.

At 7:30pm I telephoned customer service who stated the item was in the possession of UPS and they must have lost it.  I informed her that I was told the local store was going to make the delivery.  She stated I was given bad information and that it was the fault of UPS.

I contacted UPS who again stated they did not have the item in their possession.

At 8:12pm I received a phone call from UPS stating they had just received the item and that delivery would occur tomorrow 6/24.

I feel that Best Buy should offer some type of compensation to my friend to losing time out of work which she must do again today.

I am so disappointed with Best Buy as well as extremely angry over the lies I was told.

can you assist in getting my friend some much need compensation?





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Delivery late 2 days

I ordered a new pair of airpods from with next day shipping. Had a confirmation that it had been shipped the same day I ordered it which was 06/22. The next day it never arrived and I gave it an extra day. It is now 06/25 and I checked the tracking through FedEx only to find out they have not received the package at all yet, just the shipment information. This is extremely frustrating considering best buy will not let me cancel the order even though it has not shipped yet, it just claims it has. I'd rather switch it to in store pick up as it was a gift and needed to be on time.