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I ordered a laptop 26 Dec 2021 still the ordered status "in Progress"

I ordered a ASUS ROG STRIX G15 LAPTOP more than one week ago and the status is still shown as 'In Progress'. I ordered it expecing delivery in 19 Jan 2022. I am a student and i need this laptop before 20 Jan 2022 but I didn't get any proper response from best buy. I called best buy service center 4 times but no one are ready to give me proper response. They are not even know what is the proper issue they are facing. This is not a right way to handle a customer. I am still waiting for the item to be delivered. No communication from Best Buy if there is a delay. Very dissapointed with Best Buy online purchase.
Please tell me if is there any problem. Atleast you should give proper reason why my product is still in delay.
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Delivery attmpted, item returned? I've been home all day!

I live in an apartment building and the front door is often locked when staff are not present.


I have been home all day waiting for a delivery and just got notice that my item was being returned because it couldn't be delivered.  No one rang my unit via the intercom next to the door and no one called me by phone.


Is this the level of service I can expect from Best Buy's delivery people?  Should I even bother trying to have items delivered to my apartment in the future?

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Still haven't received the Elden Ring steelbook.

I was wanting to acquire on it. It's been stuck on "Preparing" for days and unable to making changes to shipping or pick up in store.

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Placed an order on BestBuy, never received and never seen tracking but BestBuy refused to refund

I ordered a $300 item on BestBuy near the end of January. However, the order status only changed to shipping in Mid-Febuary. (This order wasn't a preorder.) Since then, I've never seen any tracking. The order page only says the shipping was "delayed". I've contacted BestBuy twice, I was told that they would process refund. This time, I got an email from BestBuy, which said that they wouldn't issue any refund because the item was delivered (???), and that I should file a police report instead of asking for a refund (???). They never responded since then.


Anyone had any similar experience? How did you resolve this?

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No way home Steelbook delayed with no status help

Hi, I ordered No Way Home Steelbook a while ago when it went up for preorder. Supposedly it was "Shipped" on 08Apr, but the status is now delayed. The USPS tracking says it's waiting for my item, and Best Buy Chat told me that "USPS has not picked it up." 


So now Best Buy is saying that the post office is responsible for picking it up, but I feel pretty confident they drop by the Best Buy warehouse every day. Can someone please help me figure out where my Steelbook is? 

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Lost Package



I'm hoping someone can help me locate my order. The webistes for Best Buy and UPS say the order was delivered, but it's not here. UPS says I need to contact the shipper, but I'm not able to Best Buy's online chat says all agents are busy, and the automated customer service line says there's a technical issue and they can't connect me either, so I'm here trying to figure out how to resove this. Thanks for your consideration,



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Robocop 4K preorders

Anyone else have a Robocop 4K Steelbook preorder that BB hasn’t shipped? Anyone know if these are going to be fulfilled?
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Order Delayed Over a Month

I placed an order on 3/20 and got an email on 3/21 saying FedEx had a delay and expected it to be delivered 3/23. It's been over a month and it still says it's delayed. Do I contact Best Buy or FedEx to see what is going on with my order?


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Re: Order Delayed Over a Month

Fed Ex would be the first to contact about this. I've gottten good results contacting them via Facebook in the past. Otherwse moderators can also step in to help. You will have to wait for their official reply, however. 

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Track my order

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Dear whom it concerns: I placed the order: {removed per forum guidelines} on May 12. This order is shipped by "home delivery " to the address I assigned, but the person belong to this address's warehouse said this order never showed up. It means this order didn't arrive this address yet, but I checked the order status in my account showed this order already delivered.


Is there any record of home delivery service to confirm if this order delivered to somone whom got and signed it?


I could not find out any form or contact information to discuss this issue in  , so I only can write my question here,


Please anyone can help me to check.