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Next day delivery delayed up to 2 weeks

My next day delivery order was supposed to come yesterday, but it now shows delayed and if it isn't available by September 9, order will be cancelled. I am seeing BBYGD on the tracking number, so this is a Best Buy Ground Delivery? Can I expect this to arrive today given that it is BEST BUY deliverying it and not a third party? All of my orders from Best Buy seem to get delayed, why are you advertising false delivery dates?

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Still haven't received Cyberpunk after ordering 8/17

As the title says, I still haven't received my copy of Cyberpunk 2077. I got an email a few days after ordering said it had been delayed for a few days but have not received any updates since.
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Order Issue - E Gift CARDS

I ordered several gift cards that were to be digitally delivered via email.  I have not received anything in my email yet and the orders ar still processing.  I has been over 24 hours.  What can I do about this?

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OnTrac Shipment

I am looking for assistance in an update on the status of my order. When I contacted Best Buy Customer Support, I was told to contact OnTrac Customer Support, who then have asked me to contact the vendor (Best Buy), in phone calls as well as shown in the email below.

How do I get in contact with someone who can actually help me?

Email from OnTrac:

Thank you for your email. Currently, the referenced package has no movement in our network and is being researched by our facilities and drivers for an updated status. Please be assured, we are making every effort possible to locate the package. At this time, you may want to contact your Vendor for any additional resolutions they may offer. If located, we will continue with delivery of the package.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please reply to this email or call our Customer Care team at 800-334-5000.

OnTrac | Web Customer Service
Toll Free 800-334-5000
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Black Widow Steelbook Shipment Is (Probably) Lost

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Hi Support team,


I just wanted to first say thank you for putting up with us customers, I know we can be hot headed at times but your help is always greatly appreciated!


So anyway, I think my Black Widow steelbook is lost. It's been in a "Label Created" status since Monday and the last time this happened I never received the product.


Here's the UPS tracking number: {removed per forum guidelines}. Can I get another shipment or do we still need to wait a certain amount of time before that can happen?


Stay safe and be well,


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Horrible online order situation that needs help ASAP

I am currently a college student whose laptop just broke so I went to order a new one on Tuesday, September 14th. I used the shipping address I use for literally everything else to be shipped to my dorm and also this laptop is in stock in a store 15 minutes away so I assumed that it would ship to me in a day with no issue, but that was not the case. The order was returned because of an insufficient address so I got the refund and ordered it again, but this time with a different address with the University as the address and the dorm information as the apartment information(Which shouldn’t be the case but for some reason the first address didn’t work). As I said before, this item was in stock 15 minutes away so there should be no problem shipping to me but then the next day, it said the order was delayed and they didn’t even give me an ETA for it and I won’t get a refund until September 30th if it doesn’t come by then. I cannot afford to wait or buy another laptop at this time as I am a broke college student and I have a test on Monday that I need a laptop for. This is the reason I bought this as soon as my old laptop broke, as the new laptop was supposed to ship in a day. I don’t know what to do now please help.
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No further updates on delayed order

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I placed an order on on Sep 13, 2021 and order is still delayed. I called the automated line and was told it'd have been shipped 2 days ago. It hasn't. My online order number is {removed per forum guidelines}. Please look into it.


Thank you,

Eden {removed per forum guidelines}

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iPhone 13 stock

I have ordered an iPhone 13. It says it is back-ordered. When is the next in-store restock?

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Re: iPhone 13 stock

There is no way to tell when an item is in stock unforunately you would need to keep checking back to see when it will be restocked. If Best Buy can't fulfill your order within X amount of days then it typically gets cancelled and your money is returned.

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Business Deliveries

What is your policy on delivering to a business.  I can't get a straight answer when I call into support.  One person told me to stay at the closed office until 9PM Friday and the delivery got delayed to Saturday.  Will someone even attempt to deliver it on Satuday?  Will the order get cancelled?  Will the item be left at the locked front door?  Will it be delivered on Monday? 


Which is it and why can't I get an answer?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?