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Ordered a 50 dollar apple e gift card at 4:00 pm still waiting to get it! I have been on the phone with them 3 times they said the order was good and the bank was processing the money which I used the best buy card to purchase item! This is such bull crap it's a e gift card which i buy same every month and always get it within 30 min! If i wanted to wait a whole day to get it i would have drove the 45 min to get it myself in store. But it's a e gift card should have been sent instantly! To say the least I'm boiling mad I've bit my tounge long enough I need my dang card asap!!!! Quit playing with my money man and get my card sent asap!! 

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I bought a MacBook Pro in store, needed it same day for my job, but the associate informed me that they were out of stock and that I would have to order it and it would be in my home tomorrow the only reason I agreed to it was because I knew I would be home the next 2 days to sign for package and the associate told me if I were to do store pickup it would not make it until Friday. I ordered the laptop on a Sunday and was promised it by Monday. Tuesday comes and I call customer support to see where my packages are and they say it’s delayed until august 17th an entire 16 days from when I ordered the device and 15 days after it was promised to me. It is drastically affecting my work performance not having a capable computer to work off of. So I called customer support and they inform me that the Best Buy that I ordered the laptop from is actually in stock and they did have the display at the time I ordered it. So if the laptop I ordered was there I was told wrong Information forcing me to order the laptop. I asked to speak to a supervisor 2 separate times and after waiting on hold for an hour on 2 occasions the supervisor didn’t even speak to me and hung the phone up on me. As a customer this was a very infuriating situation as I said before this drastically affecting my work performance and as I am trying to resolve issue I’m getting no help from customer support. Also I have no idea when my package is coming now so whenever I get an email I guess I’m going to have to call out and forfeit pay just for things that were completely out of my control. Also another customer service representative before transferring me to his supervisor (that hung up on me) offered me some form of compensation and then after the supervisor hung up on me I called and talked to another representative and they said there was no record of that. This experience is horrible as a customer. Almost want to return merchandise if I even had it yet.
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Where’s my SAME DAY delivery?

Soooo sooo irritated. I could have picked up my order myself but decided to give the same day delivery a try. Ordered around midnight for same day delivery today. Says latest delivery is 9pm. It’s 9:17pm and all day the status of my order has been “Getting it ready” even now still.

Sooooooooooo irritated!!!! This absolutely changes my whole plans and things I need to do 😤😤😤😤😤😤🤬🤬🤬🤬
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OnTrac is awful, I won't be able to use again if they handle your logistics

Hi Best Buy - 


On Saturday Aug 7th, I ordered an air conditioner from your website because it had the closest delivery date (Wed Aug 11) of all your competitors.  I was impressed.

OnTrac showed it going out from a CA Monday morning.  Since then, there has been a day-for-day delay, it did not come when it was due (Wednesday) and it did not come yesterday.  I called OnTrac and they literally said "we don't know where it is."

I ordered this from Best Buy because of the heat wave that is now occurring.  Please help me, I don't think OnTrack really cares about my concerns.

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Why can't best buy do anything right?

I purchased a monitor on Thursday night and at the time it said I could get one-day shipping, I followed It for the last 24+ hours and all I can say is I'm extremely disappointed in how best buy handled the situation. First I never got my package next day and now it says I will get it Monday! I order it on Thursday to get it on Friday Saturday not Monday! I tried contacting ups and they said that best buy didn't change the label to Saturday service so even though the package arrived this morning in my state it will most likely sit at ups over the weekend again extremely disappointed. 2nd the main reason I purchased it earlier is to hopefully get one before the tax free weekend in my state but now I'm not even getting the monitor till after the weekend! I already sent a complaint to the BBB saying I would like a refund for the $21.62 for the taxes I would have saved if I waited. 3rd your online support is horrible, firstly they refused to give me a discount earlier when I know someone in your store would be happy to help, then after trying to call to speak to someone I waited over 70 minutes to speak to 2 different people that both refused to send the call to someone in the us. People overseas can't help with this even when they say they can, it's just lies lies lies. And lastly the person at the warehouse should have made sure to add Saturday delivery after they couldn't send it on time, weather you need a new system or something this should have been fixed in the first place. I don't know why some item's you Ship FedEx witch delivers the whole weekend and send it to ups and hope it gets there in time, I spend almost 400$ on this monitor this isn't a 30$ item. I'm this close to cancel my credit card from best buy from all terrible service, best buy really Haven't been best buy, and I can say that next time I will be buying from Amazon instead.
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Order money returned but order not canceled

I ordered something for in store pickup last Thursday that it said would be available next Sunday. It charged my bank account when the order went through, but when I checked my bank account this morning, the money had gone back into my account but the order wasn’t canceled. Is this an error with my bank or was my order canceled and the site hasn’t updated yet?
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Same Day Delivery Shadiness

This is a complaint for the Silevrdale Best Buy. What shady work practices. I ordered something early in the day and saw same day delivery available so I chose that. Thinking everything would work out as I leave tomorrow and will be out of town, I get an email moments before the store closes saying it is delayed. What? You waited until the last second and made it so I have no recourse or action for said item? How does that work? There is no way for me to contact anyone, edit my order or anything. So now I will be gone and an almost 500$ item will be "Delivered" and I put that in quotes as it seems everyone has issues with their deliveries now that I have looked into it further. I won't be using Best Buy again, that just seems shady and scummy to me. I know businesses get chaotic but you could of just delayed it earlier so I could of done something, anything at least.


Thank you Silverdale Best Buy, I appreciate your customer support.

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Delayed Order

I just today at 3am was notify that my Nintendo Switch will be delayed with no new date. I personally do not understand why would it be delayed i have a best buy literally 5 mins away on bicycle from me and they have all the Nintendo Switch on stock i personally don't understand if it is the employees not doing they job or what is it. I was also charged already for it how is it possible they can still charge when the items was already been declared delayed?? I need to know can I go and pick up the item in the best buy near me or do i have to wait God knows if a whole week for a item i was supposed to receive today?? I need to know what can I do?? I prefer to just pick it up today instead of waiting a whole week when I can clearly see that they have them in stock in my best buy.
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Re: Same Day Delivery Shadiness

Same Day Delivery depends on the amount of drivers available through a partner service. It is possible that they could not deliver your package on time due to a shortage of staff or other technical issue on the store front.


A mod should be able to look at this and give you further advice.

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delayed same-day delivery order



i placed an order a  for a same-day delivery, it never came. i was told by Chat they would be able to cancel it the following day. now Chat is saying they're unable to cancel and I just have to wait an undetermined amount of time for it to be delivered.


I called phone Support and was told the same thing.


I'm not angry that it wasn't delivered, and I understand these are difficult times, and maybe there are less same-day delivery people working etc. but I do not understand them not being able to change my order to in-store pickup, or simply cancel it entirely.


Expecting everyone to be ok when a same-day delivery turns into "hey it might show up in 3 days" with no ability to cancel or change to in-store pickup isn't acceptable.