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In-Stock does not mean Best Buy actually has the item In-Stock Online or InStore

Placed an Order on Sat 4/3 for 1Hr Pickup.  Got to store only to recieve the email that said it was not in stock.  Changed to Delivery from Bay Parkway Brooklyn location.  4/3 later that night notified that its DELAYED.  No explaination or reason. Your chat or support can not find why its DELAYED meanwhile I can purchase from many other services that actually keep acurate stock inventory. 


I tried calling Bay Parkway Broooklyn Best Buy but they are not taking any calls.


Where is My product or my money?  Over $300 Sitting in limbo and the company selling the product cant even find out what DELAYED means or if they even have one.


Can I please get gelp? If its not in stock just tell me and REFUND my Money.

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Re: In-Stock does not mean Best Buy actually has the item In-Stock Online or InStore

Question for you. When you said 1 hour pickup, did you receive the pickup email and then head to the store or did you head there without receiving the email?


Regarding the in stock inventory, It does not reflect items in carts when customers shop in stores. So someone could have got your item before it was fulfilled. And if its a popular item it may be awhile before it's fulfilled.

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Order stuck on shipment ready for UPS

Hi, I currently have this issue where it says that the order is stuck on "shipment ready for UPS." It looks like it's supposed to be delivered today according to Best Buy, but UPS says they have not received the package yet.

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Order Stuck


I made a purchase Friday 2Apr. on BB, the package is suppose to arrive by Monday 12Apr. 4 days from this post(8Apr.), but when i check my order status it says "Getting it Ready" but i still haven't recieved any mail, tracking number, or any update since i made the payment, How would it get here on Monday? is there a @Mod that can help me on this please?

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Estimated delivery is a lie

Beat buy needs to get their life together with their "delivered by" dates. People like me specifically order things from certain places because of the delivery. I have no email saying it would be delayed, but the delivery was supposed to happen TODAY and it "shipped" but UPS still doesn't have the item. I could have just gone to the store to picked it up. This is so frustrating.
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Chromebook purchase in store

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Went into 2 local Best Buy stores to purchase 2 chromebooks for my twin girls 11th birthday, their birthday is April 9th.

Neither store had inventory, so they said they will place an order for me thru and the order would be here by Friday 04/09.  I said perfect.  Got an email the night I ordered product, saying they received order (perfect). on 4/08 i got an email saying the item was shipped, also got a tracking #. (still going well). Went to UPS website last night and again this morning, UPS still has not yet received the shipment to begin shipping the item. Called customer service, said UPS has not picked up my package yet. C'mon, UPS does not pick up at a best buy distribution faclity every day. I find that extremely hard to believe. Hopefully will be picked up today. 

Well, we are going out of town tomorrow, so now 2 chromebooks will sit outside my front door all weekend, if Best Buy decides to ship my package today, and UPS delivers tomorrow.  

I knew I should have ordered through Amazon, and not trusted Best Buy with their promise dates.   Extremely Disappointed customer.  


Email from Best Buy at 9:30am on 4/08/2021

Your order #{removed per forum guidelines} has shipped   


- Well not really, we just send misleading emails to our customers.  Great Customer service.