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Shipped to the wrong address again, and again, and again...

3 summers ago I bought a new home. The following christmas was a "wrong address" shipping disaster on all accounts, but I was willing to accept that maybe I hadn't managed the transition well. After a few months of tidying up loose ends it seemed like the majority of the world understood - I had relocated.


Not best buy. No matter if I changed my information using my phone, or using my desktop, or over the phone with a best buy rep (twice) - best buy kept sending things to the old address. 


Same thing last year. 


And again this year. 


But this year its a little different. When I realized that I'd be ordering from bb this holiday the very first thing I did was check the accuracy of my address, you know, because it had been a problem before. It was incorrect, so I changed it and I placed my order. Straight away bb shipped the first installment to the old address and sent notifications tht all other gifts would be delivered promptly to the old address.


I called them and the rep verified that I had two addresses in my account and she changed it on the spot, saying she deleted the old address. Then she said I'd have to wait until the wrongly shipped items were returned to the store, then I could PICK THEM UP. 


I asked for a refund and she refused. 


I asked why she couldnt just call the shipper and rectify the incorrect address, you know - "hey shipper, we messed up and these items are supposed to go to a different address, let me give that to you...". She said that she COULD and she would call me back. Great! In the meantime I wanted to verify that my address had been changed. Nope, still the old one. So I changed it again. 




This morning I got an email that one of the packages had been delivered and the others were on the way - to the wrong address - addressed to my wife. That's right, they didn't change the address - they changed MY NAME. My wife has a bb account and receives deliveries at the correct address without isssue- is her name attached to the wrong address now too- how does this even happen? 


So all packages are (still) headed to the wrong address and either my account name was incorrectly changed or my wife has a new incorrect address. What a mess...