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Same Day Delivery(Stay Away From It)

So, today I was checking store availability for something I wanted to buy, was going to pick it up myself, however I noticed it was available for same day delivery. I thought I'd save a couple bucks by paying $5 instead of going there myself and paying for transportation.


I placed the order at 12:33, been informed it will arrive before 9pm. At around 7pm I reached out via live chat to see if everything's going ok, they said yes. Fast forward to 8:30pm-ish, I reach out via live chat again and ask if it will be delievered today, they say yes again. I wanted a tracking number, they provided me with both the tracking number and a phone number to call if I had further questions. Getting to this point with the live chat clerk was a HUGE struggle, multiple times I had to reiterate my question in different ways for them to understand. I check the tracking number and it says "exception at pickup" at 6pm, which is BEFORE both of the times I reached out via live chat. These guys have 0 connection to the delivery company.


Why would you even tell me it will for sure be delivered today if you don't know if things are going right or not? Just tell me you don't know, give me the tracking number and I'll find out(I think it's a huge screw up that you guys can't do it so I'd have to). The second big problem I have with this besides lying to me about the delivery time being today is the only thing they said they will do to compensate me for this is refunding the same day delivery fee. OF COURSE you will refund it, it isn't same day delivery anymore... on top of this I had to wait at home to get the package instead of going through my day and getting my stuff done. 3rd and the biggest problem, I can't even cancel the order. WHAT THE HELL? If you guys think I'll be okay with just getting the product delivered tomorrow by 9pm(which I don't think is going to happen) you're wrong. I'll bring it back to your store for a full refund, and will NEVER shop from bestbuy again.


You guys are a joke, I should've never seeked an alternative to amazon.



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Re: Same Day Delivery(Stay Away From It)



Thanks for connecting with us again here on the Best Buy Forums! We hope you have been well since you last reached out.


Same-day delivery is a great way to het the tech you need, when you need it, but it sounds like this wasn’t the most optimal experience. You have my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you, as we always aim to provide accurate information to our customers.


When you pay for charges such as expedited shipping, and the shipping date is not met, we will refund those charges on your order. When the order is at a certain point in the fulfillment process, there are no options to modify or cancel the order.


If you wish to return the item for a refund, please ensure that you are within all of the parameters listed in our Return & Exchange Promise when heading to your local store.



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