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SHIPT did not deliver my computer

I purchased a Macbook Pro last Thursday, November 3rd.  My wife really needed this computer by this Monday as the chromebook they gave her at work will not do the job.  Shipt was supposed to have delivered the computer along with proof of signature last Friday.  I waited the entire day for the computer but got nothing.  Then, at 11:35 pm I got a text that read "Hi Samuel, it's Shipt HQ. Your Best Buy order was safely delivered to your door.  Please collect it as soon as possible."  I found it interesting that it would be attempted to be delivered so late and without knocking at my door so that I could sign for it.  I checked outside my door and there was nothing.


I called Shipt customer service number at 11:46 pm and after wating a good 15 minutes I was able to speak to Kyrian who told me I would have to contact Best Buy.  I told her why she couldn't get a hold of her driver and find out why it was indicated that a delivery was made, so, she said that she was told by the driver that he took the computer back to Best Buy.  Frankly, I think it's a load of you know what!  I think the driver kept the computer.


So, Saturday morning I called Best Buy and explained the situation and the person I spoke with asked me if I wanted a replacement computer.  I said yes.  He said that as a courtesy he would deduct $200.00 from the order.  He assured me that the order would be available for pickup at Cerritos that Saturday or Sunday (11/6) at the latest.


On Sunday, since there were no emails on Saturday regarding a pickup, I chatted with an Edward.  He mentioned that the order would have be approved and that the approval would take 24-48 hours (this was never mentioned on Saturday), so it would be available instead on Monday, November 7th.


On Monday, I called at 11:00 am as the 48 hours after my call on Saturday had passed.  I complained and the person I spoke with said that the computer would be marked for pick up by the end of the day.


On Tuesday, I called at 5:42 pm and requested to speak to a supervisor to complain for the lack of help on my order.  I was hung up on after my request.


On Wedneday, I called at 7:27 am and asked why my computer was still not available for pickup.  I was told that it would be available that day.  I told the customer service rep that I did not believe what she said and instead requested to speak to a supervisor.  She took my information and assured me that a supervisor would call me in the next 30 minutes.  After not getting a call back at the time told I called back at 11:08 am and again asked why the lack of help.  I got the usual "I'm so sorry, I complely understand and would feel the same way" that all these people are trained to say.  Guess what, I was again told that my computer would be ready for pickup that Wednesday.


On Thursday (yesterday) I chatted with someone and after again, getting the same "apology" and "sympathy" I was told that the computer would become available for pickup that day.  At least this time I was provided a case number (299138299).  At this point, I am beyond frustrated.  So, I decided to check online which best buy had the same computer that I purchased available for pickup (noticed that the price was no longer the same as I had purchased).  I saw that the Anaheim Best Buy had the computer available, so I went there.  When I got there I explained to the store manager everything that had happened and she stopped me and said that there was nothing she could do to help.  I asked if she could speak to management and to facilitate letting me pick up the computer there but she said she did not have the opportunity to speak to higher management and that I would have to be the one to call customer support.  I was mindboggled at her response! Why would a MANAGER not be able to do this??!! I left the store but called customer service at 12:05 pm to again ask why the compuer was still not available.  This time I was told that the reason why I had not gotten the computer was because Cerritos Best Buy would not have the computer until November 16th. I asked the agent WHY NO ONE HAD TOLD ME THIS PREVIOUSLY!!!!! Of course, she apologized and said she too would be frustrated if she were in the same situation.  I was too upset to give a smartass answer so I just told her if she could switch the pickup location to Anaheim as I had just checked that the computer was avaialble there.  She switched it and said that the computer would become avaialble for pickup before the end of the day.


Today (Friday, Nov. 11th) I called at 9:44 am and after first having my call answered by Home Theater, then explaining and getting transferred to Geek Squad, and again explaining and finally being transferred to Computer Support I got a voicemail saying that one was available to answer my call and to call back at a later time Smiley Sad

I called again at 6:45 pm, and again after going through the same departments and after finally being transferred to computer support after 7pm, I got the same voicemail that no one was available to answer my call.  I then started searching online for help and found the forums portion of best buy.


This has honestly been the WORST shopping experience of my life.  I've been getting the same response from everyone stating that the computer would become available for pickup that same day, but nothing!  I've been a customer of Best Buy for over 15 years.  I've purchased refrigerators, AC units, washer, dryer, TVs, soundbars, computers, WiFi routers, iPads, cell phones.  I've made sure that my family gets their electronic devices from best buy.  At work, when, needing electronic devices, I've created requisitions to purchase items from Best Buy.


I'm really hoping to get the help I deserve through this forum.


Fingers crossed

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Re: SHIPT did not deliver my computer

Good Evening, samchagar.


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums!


Thank you for reaching out, and for that candid retelling of your experience. I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with your order. I'd love to help. Please send me a private with your full name, number, and email so that I can better assist you. I am currently heading out of the office for the weekend, but shall return Tuesday morning to assist. Looking forward to speaking with you then.

Kind regards,


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