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Robot Vacuum GSP question

I'm a former employee. Mine isn't holding a charge like it's supposed to, and it was sent back from the service center as NFF without it even seeming like they tested it. I was just wondering what the best way to get a robot vacuum junked out under GSP is.

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Re: Robot Vacuum GSP question

Hello, Yancha67.


Thank you for reaching out to us about your situation with your Vacuum.


I hate to hear that you are having issues with getting your vacuum back repaired. Making sure you can get your Vacuum back is important and I understand your frustration with your situation. I would like to provide support for your situation and see what's happening. Before I can provide support, I do need to confirm your information before I can assist. When you can please send me a private message with the information included below. There we can take a deep dive into the matter and see what's happening. 


Information Needed:

-Full name

-Telephone number


-Service order number


In addition, I do want to inform you on March 20th, our Forums will no longer be available, for further support in the future please reach out to us via Social Media or on our Support Page. Please let us know soon.


Thank you,


Riley|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
As of March 20th, our Forums will no longer be available. For future support, you can reach out to us on Social Media or