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Roadie is a scam - have been on the phone for hours/no one picking up - is my order being returned?

I have ordered through Best Buy for years online, never had an issue with delivery or in-store pick up. I ordered items yesterday to be delivered to me and I see that Roadie is one of the options available to me. Never seen it but I trust Best Buy so I chose it. Well my order was out for delivery today and I get a notification that it could not be delivered and it is being returned. My have a front door bell camera and NO ONE attempted to deliver a package. I also have a front office that is open from 9-5, no one attempted to drop off a delivery today. I have had countless deliveres sent to my apartment with no issues, even past orders from Best Buy. I am afraid my packages are at liberty to be stolen based off of the feedback I have seen regarding Roadie. I have been calling them and have been on hold since 12:45 pm since I received the notification that my package was undeliverable at 12:24 pm this afternoon. I have not been able to speak with a single representative from Roadie. I have called using two different phone lines and no one has picked up/ the phone drops the call. I called into Best Buy and the representative could only tell me to "wait for an e-mail from Best Buy regarding the return of the item" and couldn't really tell me anything else. Where is the package being returned to?? Can someone please help me with this?? Had Roadie ( just like other "delivery apps") just picked up their phone and contacted the driver, this wouldn't be the issue it is now. I can't believe with the amount of money that comes into Best Buy, you would chose to pair with a delivery service that does not have anyone pick up their phone should a customer needs support.

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Re: Roadie is a scam - have been on the phone for hours/no one picking up - is my order being ret...

Hello, katherinedneto,


Thanks for reaching out. I can understand finding out that your package is being returned after being told it couldn't be delivered isn't ideal. I'd be happy to look into this with you. 


To start, can you please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and order number? To send the message, you can use the button in my signature below. Please know, as of March 20, the Best Buy Forums will be decommissioned. Our team will be available to provide support through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. In the future, you can also visit us at for assistance. We look forward to assisting you through these platforms!




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