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Reward Certificate not refunded

I got a order refunded because I did not receive it, I am happy I received the money I spent refunded but I did not get my $30 reward certificate points back. These were not promotional rewards either, they were points I saved up by using my Best Buy credit card.  It's been two weeks since I received my refund and still nothing.  I've contacted a customer service chat representative three times and all three told me that they made a request to refund my points and that they should show up in my account within 24 hours.  My last chat was 5 days ago and still nothing.  I've so frustrated right now that I'm seriously considering cutting up my Best Buy credit card.

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Re: Reward Certificate not refunded

Hey there, koq100332,


Thank you for taking the time to join us here on our community forums. Although, I do wish it were under better circumstances. Considering I also use rewards often, I can understand wanting this resolved as quickly as possible.


I’d be more than happy to investigate! To do so, kindly private message us using the blue button below your:


Full name
Phone number
Email address
Order number


All the best,

Kayden|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Old Reward Zone Cards - Still Valid?

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