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Returns Center Refunds - Please Read!

Greetings, Best Buy Forums Community,

Due to the unprecedented circumstances that we have all found ourselves learning to navigate, Best Buy is currently experiencing an uptick in mail returns as many of our customers adjust to shopping online as opposed to shopping in our stores.


Our Returns Center team is hard at work processing returns and refunds as quickly as they can while remaining safe. Currently, returns are taking between 7 - 15 business days to be processed.  Once a return has been processed, it may take up to 7 days after we process the return to reflect on your account., however, in some instances, it may take your bank or financial institution up to one billing cycle.


If more than 15 business days have passed since your return was received by our Returns Center, and you have not received any notification on the status of your return, please send a Private Message to any Moderator (our usernames all end in -BBY) with your:


  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Order number
  • Return tracking number

We’re here for you. Thank you in advance for your patience during this strange time.

It’s understandable that many of you would like to avoid having your funds tied up longer than is necessary. If you have not yet placed your return, please know that any of our store locations that are providing curbside service can assist with returns of most products that are purchased through our website, provided that the purchase falls within the guidelines of our Return & Exchange Promise Visit us online to find information on store closures and store hours in your area.

If you need assistance with obtaining a return label for your purchase, please check out these Self Service options.

Thank you for choosing Best Buy.



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Return not being processed

I had a return shipped back to Best Buy and it was received 8 days ago.  Can't get ahold of customer service.  Any ideas on what to do next?



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[ Edited ]

I called Best Buy customer service today stating that I had not received an email from Best Buy regarding the refund for the HP OfficeJet 3830 printer I returned--order # {removed per forum guidelines}. The printer was delivered to Best by on 4/23/20, The customer service representative said that I would be sent an email regarding the refund. I still haven't received an email regarding the refund.

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Re: Complaint

Forum sticky topic on the subject:

The tl:dr version is that due to Covid-19 and way more people ordering online if it hasn’t been 15 business days there likely isn’t a problem. Based on that, it could still be several days.
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To who may concern, 


I purchased a dyson air purifier for $546.25. We have shipped the item back on 02/23/21 and you have received the product within 2 business days on 2/25/21. Bestbuy claimed that they have processed the refund back into my account but we've never received it and in fact, the INCORRECT amount was processed for $46.25. A dyson air purifier doesn't cost $46.25. We shipped it back to UPS and I don't know why you all claimed that we returned at the Chino store. There is no way we would return the item at the Chino store. This refund process has been ongoing for 2 months now, I went to the store in person to get more info and they couldn't get anything on there since it's an online order. I've been calling the customer service on the phone for the past 2 months, I've been getting hung up, tossed, transferred around back and forth with no resolution. It's taken weeks for me to get a resolution on my case. I would like to speak with a supervisor and manager from the return center as I have addressed this issue so many times. There was a case that was opened for return. Case #: {removed per forum guidelines}. I have all the documents and proofs that you guys have the item back into the warehouse.  I just want the correct amount refunded back to the card that used to make the purchase. This needs to be escalated to the corporate service team. It is ridiculous that you guys keep making mistakes on your end over and over again.

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I purchased an item in store and it was defective.  I went on your website and it had the option to print a UPS label to return, which I did.  I never received an email of the tracking number or label and no one can seem to find the return status.  When I log on to your website, it still gives me the option to return the item as I had not already completed this process.

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Worst customer service from bestbuy

I ordered one MacBook laptop and it had issues so I went to store to return on store they couldn’t fix activation lock and couldn’t return I had to run 4 5 times to store then finally they asked me to ship it instead after my return time period so on 4th of aug they sent me another label and I sent it back on same day on 10 th of aug they received it but today is 30th I still didn’t receive any refund I keep calling I keep chatting somebody will say we just initiated within 24 hrs you will get somebody will say wait for 10 days what kind of service is this they harassed me a lot it’s frustrating.they don’t have any right to harass me.
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Return has no update on order status page

I have returned my purchase two days ago and the ups track said that the item is already delivered, but there was no update on the order status page.

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roadie refund nightmare

order two items same day one said "delivered" the other said delayed. I checked the order and noticed the shipping info didnt inclue the apt # , spoke with chat after being transfered 3 times i got credited for the first item but the item that was delayed coulnt be cancelled by the agent so the next day the order showed that roadie delvered the item back to the warehouse because incorrect shipping info. it's been 14 days since the refund has been processing, Ive called best buy a total of 4 times spending about an hour each time just to be put on a mute hold then hung up on, a "manager" refused to esclate the call 4 times and talked himself in circles for an hour and put me on a mute hold for 45 mins. everytime i call the agents keep pushing the goalpost so to speak, today i spoke with "may" and she said it takes 15 days to be refunded, rose said it would take a "billing cycle" i'm using a best buy gift card there isn't any billing cycles. Best buy customer support used to be awesome! the first agent didnt even mute herself i could hear chickens in her background.


please best buy help me. 

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Online return--support requested

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving! On Friday November 19 I returned an iPhone to Best Buy via UPS using the online return label from the Best Buy website. Per UPS, the item was received by Best Buy on Tuesday, November 23. I havent received any sort of a confirmation from Best Buy that the item was received in the warehouse. I'm sure it takes several days for a return and even more for a refund, but my question is---should I have received some sort of notification from Best Buy that my iPhone was received? Also, what sort of time frame am I looking at until I hear something from Best Buy or see a refund? Until this is resolved I cannot get another phone with Verizon. I should have returned in the store but I was thinking this would be easier. My mistake. Any advice, support would be appreciated! I am happy to provide original order numbers, UPS tracking number, etc. Thank you in advance.