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Re: Online return--support requested

The update will come when they process the return, unfortunately.  Much like when UPS drops a package at someone's door the tracking updates to "delivered" almost instantly.  The item would be sitting with a bunch of other return items waiting to be processed, which will take more time.  

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Damaged item returned by shipper two weeks ago, no update or refund

Hello, I ordered a wired controller for my Nintendo Switch which was returned by the shipper (OnTrac).  In the shipping notes, it states that OnTrac received a damaged package, which they then returned to Best Buy two weeks ago.  The Best Buy order has not been updated to show that the item was returned, and it does not appear that my refund has started.


This is my first contact with Best Buy as I hoped that the issue would be sorted out without my needing to become involved, but I am becoming given the amount of time it has been and so request help.  


Thank you.


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Item returned 10 days ago. Still not "processed"

Ordered a monitor that was supposedly open box in "excellent condition". Monitor arrived cracked, accessories haphazardly thrown in the box with inadaquate packing material. I returned the monitor and it was recieved by Best Buy on December 9th. 


As of today, the status still say "Your return made it back on Thu, December 9. Please allow up to 5 days for us to begin processing your refund." I've never had a refund take this long to process. It's generally back in my bank account within 2-3 business days. I'm wondering if it would be easier just to go through my bank to get a refund?