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Returning an item after COVID 19 quarantine

I purchased an incorrect item via curbside. After being in a covid 19 quarantine, I decided to obey and not put Best Buy employees or other customers at risk. After the quarantine, I went to Best Buy to return the unused and unopened item. I was told that because it was past 15 days they can only issue store credit. I explained the situation and they insisted that store credit is all they do. I called the 1-800 Best Buy number and they advised me to go to another Best Buy in my city and try to return the store credit. I did that and another store manager told me that it was not possible. I called the 1-800 number again and the representative was of no help and suggested that I should have made mail arrangements while I was sick. Now that I can't turn back time and I've been told different things by different employees, how may I resolve this problem? 

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Re: Returning an item after COVID 19 quarantine

Best Buy had already turned off the COVID 19 extended return long time ago after arranging curbside pickup and returns so in this instance the store is following protocol and extending an exception to the return policy by giving you store credit. They are not obgligated to give you cash or a return to your card after the pandemic exception expires.

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Re: Returning an item after COVID 19 quarantine

Since you do not qualify for a return, the representatives offering a store credit were attempting to “resolve this problem”. The alternative would to deny your out of policy return altogether.
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