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Returned package with prepaid label and UPS lost the package.

Hi I recently returned an item with a prepaid label.


I put it into a UPS return box and there has been no updates more than two weeks later.


I think UPS lost the package. Tracking hasn't been updated ever since.


I tried to start a claim but I cannot since Best Buy created the label, so Best Buy must deal with it.


Please help immediately.

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Re: Returned package with prepaid label and UPS lost the package.

Ooh, this is why I always take it into UPS or a drop off location and have it scanned. Without that initial scan, there is no evidence that it was ever dropped off.

With that said, these forums will provide assistance but it is not intended for immediate assistance. The posts here are answered in the order they are made, some of the posts in individual forums take a day or two right now to be reached. If you’re needing more immediate assistance, you should reach out to 1-888-BestBuy
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